Beer Notes: We got shirts, The 377 has their own brews, and more

We had shirts made for everyone. Show us a little love and buy one, please?
We had shirts made for everyone. Show us a little love and buy one, please?

A belated thank you to everyone who came out to our fifth anniversary celebration at Tractor a couple weeks ago. Well, even if you did not make it out there, we still have quite a few shirts for sale. Our friend Michael Wieclaw, a.k.a. the mad genius behind Metal the Brand, made this batch of shirts for us.

Our goal is to raise money to upgrade this here website. It has been five years now, and we still have the same format and the same set of issues. We want to make this a better site for everyone. We just need your help. We are selling the shirts for $12 apiece, cash only. Want one? Send us an email to, or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter. We will set up a time and place to meet (hint: places with beer are our favorite).

Don’t worry, we aren’t planning to go into full-time advertising/merchandising. This has long been a non-profit endeavor on our part, and for the most part, we plan to keep it that way.

Oh, and we will still love you if you don’t buy a shirt. Just keep supporting our local breweries and we’ll call it even.

The 377 takes flight with its own beers

The 377 now has 11 beers on tap, and more coming, so be prepared to get more than one flight.
The 377 now has 11 beers on tap, and more coming, so be prepared to get more than one flight.

A few months back, when The 377 Brewery opened, lots of folks bemoaned the lack of house beers. Well, for those not following them on Facebook, they have been churning out their own beers for a few weeks. After following a quartet of Colorado Rockies around town all day Friday, I found myself near The 377 and elected to head over to finally try all of them.

The 377 now has 11 beers made by Lyna Waggoner, ranging from a kolsch to an imperial cream. They have the hoppy and malty ends of the spectrum covered.

As always, these are just my opinions. Yours could end up being wildly different. The fun thing about beer is that is wonderfully subjective. Go try these and let me know what you think. Just remember to rate them as a brand-new brewery. If you are expecting beers on the level of a La Cumbre or a Marble, you may ended up disappointed, unless your palate remembers what the beers tasted like at those breweries when they were only a few months old.

  • Johnny Winter Kolsch (5% ABV): Crisp, clean beer is the perfect place to start. A little creamy with a solid mouthfeel. This will go well during the summer months.
  • Spitfire Best Bitter (4.5%): This one tasted a little off initially, then it settled down as it warmed a bit. A little bready, not too sweet.
  • Dieterhosen Hefe (4.9%): A genuine surprise, the clarity alone will throw off some people, but the flavor is good throughout. Much closer to a true German weizen, with mild banana and clove flavors in balance.
  • Imperial Cream (8.5%): This one lacked flavor, which made it dangerous in that you cannot taste the ABV as there is no heat here. There is some sweetness that hits mid-palate, but it fades fast.
  • The 377 IPL (4%): A rather simple beer, dry with minimal hop bitterness. Just ends up being smooth and sessionable, but nothing particularly memorable.
  • Sancho Session IPA (5%): It really just tastes like a dry-hopped amber ale. If you like ambers, you will like this beer. Otherwise, aim higher.
  • The 377 IPA (7.2%): Hard to pick out the exact hops used, but it definitely has a throwback quality to it, more like the type of IPA popular before 2010. It will probably draw the biggest range of likes and dislikes in this hop-crazy town.
  • Black IPA (6.6%): The hop bill is pretty similar to the regular IPA, only with the sweeter malts coming through. Minimal roast on the back end.
  • Funky Punky Swartzbier (8.5%): The newest beer on the menu and one of the best. Big roasted, nutty flavor up front, with an underlying sweetness throughout. Another big beer that does not bring the heat.
  • Full Booty Stout (7%): Not quite full, the flavor profile is pretty good, but lacks the mouthfeel from most stouts this size. Roasted elements stand out above the sweetness.
  • Robust Porter (5.9%): Roasty, toasty big flavors, in many ways even more flavorful than the stout. A rival to the Swartzbier for the title of best dark beer. The bonus is you can drink more of these and not fall off your bar stool.

Overall, it is a promising start for The 377. We wish them continued luck, and will always appreciate another place to grab a pint before or after Lobo games (and let’s face it, the UNM men’s basketball team seems intent on driving people to drink).

Proposed brewery will face significant obstacles

A little while back, Albuquerque Business First ran a story about how the owner of Humble Coffee wanted to open his own brewery. The catch was that it was one of those subscriber-only stories, so we had to wait until the print copy showed up at a public library to read the details.

The goal is apparently to start a place at 529 Adams NE, which is currently occupied by Archetype Tattoo (the owner said he will help Archetype find a new location). Basically it would be one block east of Washington, just a couple doors down from Lomas. The big problem with the location is that it is about two blocks from an elementary school, and three blocks from a large Catholic church. Both would have to grant permission for a brewery operating that close.

Throw in converting a property to a functional brewery, getting those approvals, and the fact it takes the State of New Mexico on average six months to approve a small brewer license, makes the Humble plan to open in four months more than a bit unlikely. We wish them luck if they actually go through with it, but color us skeptical that they can pull it off at all, much less in a few months time.

Sampler tray

  • So far, so good with the state legislature in terms of bills affecting breweries. The Brewers Guild will remain vigilant, since this session still has a ways to go.
  • Breweries who still have pending licenses with the state, because that little bit above about Humble probably has you curious: Bare Bones Brewing (Cedar Crest), Bombs Away Beer Co. (Albuquerque), Desert Valley Brewing (Albuquerque), Drylands Brewing (Lovington), Hops Brewery (Albuquerque-Nob Hill), Lava Rock Brewing (Albuquerque-West side), Truth or Consequences Brewing
  • Steel Bender Brewyard is aiming for a March opening. Their license is now approved.
  • We apparently had another brewery close, this time outside the metro area. The Farmington HUB Brewery has shut down, by all accounts. Its Facebook page is gone and there is no website anymore (if there ever was one). It was open less than a year. We never had the chance to get up there and check it out.

That is all for now. If you ever have tips or news tidbits, contact us any of the usual ways.


— Stoutmeister

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  1. Thad Hahn says:

    Heard about this new brewery this weekend.

    Brewery plans unveiled for Red River

    | | | Brewery plans unveiled for Red River “Red River’s positively fabulous water is going to make exceptional beer.” — Michael Calhoun Photo-realistic re… | |


     Thad Hahn Los Alamos, NM

    1. cjax33 says:

      Yeah, we know about them. Haven’t applied for a license yet, so they’re a long ways off.

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