ABQ Beer Week: Marble rolls out more bountiful events

Beer, Cheese & More will be back at the downtown taproom this Thursday.

In order to help everyone plan out how to handle ABQ Beer Week, the Crew is once again visiting with the breweries hosting multiple events prior to everything kicking off this Thursday. After catching up with Tractor Brewing, the next stop was Marble Brewery, where I visited with marketing and events coordinator Geraldine Lucero on a sunny afternoon on the patio.


Beer, Cheese & More returns to the downtown taproom after various construction projects bumped it to the outlying locations in recent years. This is a hugely popular event, so if you have not gone to the taproom and bought your ticket ($25) yet, you could be out of luck. It runs from 5 to 8 p.m.

“Tickets have already started to sell at the taproom,” Geraldine said. “Albuquerque is such a last-minute town, at times we’re just like what are you guys waiting for, but (people) always come through. It’s one of our most popular events.”

Five Marble beers will be paired with five different cheeses selected by the experts at Whole Foods Market, along with some additional charcuterie items.

“The beers that we’re featuring on that menu are going to be the (BBBerry) Gose, Tickle Factory, Chillsner, our classic Red, and Cholo Stout,” Geraldine said. “So five 5-ounce pours paired with five 1-ounce portions of cheese and other accoutrements. All the good stuff.”

The Marble staff has already had fun working with Whole Foods on getting those beers and cheeses properly paired.

“Cassidy (Hurford) is the cheese specialist there and she’s such a huge help every year,” Geraldine said. “I give her tasting notes and samples of the beer, then she hooks us up with a bunch of cheese samples. She, Josh (Trujillo), and I and Greg Dupy ate a bunch of cheese (last week) and locked down our pairings.”

In case anyone ever wondered, yes, working at Marble can be a really good thing.


Marble is hosting another Brewer’s Brunch at the Westside taproom starting at 11 a.m., and this one will feature the man himself, Ted Rice.

“We have a special lineup of brewers for this one,” Geraldine said. “Ted, Josh, and Jeff Priddy are all going to be there. It’s a really fun way for patrons to have a sit-down meal with the people behind the beautiful beer that we make. It’s really cool to make the connection with the brewers, especially Ted, people will get to hear his stories. He has such a cool story, the story of Marble and where it came from. Then Josh obviously, too, his story here. And, Jeff Priddy is just a delight to be around.”

This is another fairly exclusive event, so get those tickets ASAP.

“Seating is extremely limited for this,” she said. “We’re only selling 20 tickets at the taproom (for) $25. Ohana Hut is going to be catering it, so it’s going to be an Asian-inspired brunch. We’re excited about that, too. The $25 gets you the meal and two 10-ounce pours. There will be suggested beers when the menu is finalized.”

Marble will also be sending a special keg of IPA-X to the Freight House in Bernalillo as part of its annual pig roast from 1 to 4 p.m. That event costs $15.99 at the door.


Just like almost everyone else around town, Marble will pouring beers at ABQ Blues & Brews at Sandia Casino at 1:30 p.m.


Another annual tradition continues as Marble will host its Memorial Day Festival downtown from 3 to 8 p.m.

The bands scheduled are Gershom Brothers (3-4 p.m.), Stan Kee and Step In (4:15-5:15), Sol De La Noche (5:30-6:30), and The Dirty Shades (6:45-8:30). Kitsune will be the food truck.

There will be an added incentive for folks to attend if they leave their vehicles at home.

“We’re doing something kind of cool this year,” Geraldine said. “We’re encouraging patrons to cycle to Marble. If you ride your bike, you receive Brew Club discounts while you’re here. We’ll also have the guys from Bike Works on hand from 3 to 7 doing free bike consults on the patio.”


To the Heights Taproom for some M’tucci’s east of the Rio Grande!

It can be hard for traffic-phobic residents of the Northeast Heights to make their way across the Rio Grande to indulge themselves at M’tucci’s. Well, for a change, M’tucci’s is coming east with a special series of pairings at the Heights Taproom from 5 to 8 p.m.

“This one I’m really excited about,” Geraldine said. “The guys from M’tucci’s and Josh and I all sat down last week. They brought a bunch of different charcuterie, cheeses, meats, chutneys, picked fruits, anything I could think of, with a bunch of bread. Then we’re just trying different bruschetta and beer. I loved that.”

The beer lineup will be Session White, Amber, Kentucky Julep, and Rita. Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at the Heights Taproom.

“It’ll be something pretty different, because we’ve worked with them (before) on different events,” she said. “They did the pairing for our Cuvee Rouge last year and just nailed it. They’re huge beer geeks over there, too, and food nerds, too. That’s exactly who you want to work with. They make my job easier.”

If there is anyone out there who is not jealous of Geraldine’s job, raise your hand. OK, now put it down, because you’re lying. You’re so jealous, just like the rest of us.

Thursday, May 31

Head to the Westside Taproom for a night that is all about the beer. Marble will tap into its archives for Cherry Brune, From the Wood Saison, Quad, and 2017 Reserve Ale, Geraldine said. The beers will start pouring at 5 p.m., and there will not be a huge amount of any of them, so get over there as fast as you can.

Sunday, June 3

For the first time, Marble is teaming up with Hotel Chaco for a special brunch tap takeover at the Level 5 restaurant up on the fifth floor from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It’s going to be four taps,” Geraldine said. “Xavi (Romero) will confirm the styles soon. This will be a fun event that will start at brunch. If you haven’t been to Hotel Chaco Level 5 lounge, go check it out. They have the most beautiful view.”

If anyone is wondering where Hotel Chaco is, it is the swanky new joint right behind Hotel Albuquerque, at the intersection of Bellamah and 20th Street.

That covers all of the Marbleous events this week. A big thanks to Geraldine for the info and Josh for the pint of IPA-X.

See many of you at Beer, Cheese & More on Thursday.


— Stoutmeister

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