ABQ Beer Week: Canteen gets a little scholarly with happy hour

Image courtesy of Canteen Brewhouse

Editor’s note: AmyO actually wrote this story, but she was unable to set up a post with her byline on it, so we did it this way. Just want to give credit where it’s due! — Stoutmeister

Each year when the ABQ Beer Week event list comes out, I immediately start scanning to look for events that are a bit different, something that really stands out to me. This year, I landed on the Scholarly Happy Hour with Asa Stone at Canteen Brewhouse, which takes place today (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. This is before I even knew the details about Ms. Stone.

Friday night, I met with Asa and Canteen’s general manager Jamie Schwebach at a very packed Canteen Brewhouse. I was pretty excited because I had learned that Asa is a Level 3 Cicerone who instructs classes in the beer program at CNM. In fact, Jamie took Asa’s Beer in Society class at CNM and gave her very high praise.

A Cicerone is, for lack of better terminology, a beer sommelier. The advanced Cicerone status is very difficult to achieve. Asa is the only Level 3 in the state of New Mexico, and one of only 11 female Level 3 Cicerones anywhere. The total number of Level 3 Cicerones in the world stands at a bit over 100, she said.

This event at Canteen is an opportunity to have a small group gain access to the wealth of knowledge that Asa has to share. It is limited to 25 participants and only costs $15. That cost includes 5-ounce sample pours of five different styles, pretzel bites, and a pint of your choice. Basically, you are paying for the beer and getting the snacks and education for free. There will be discussion on the role beer plays in society, including historical, cultural, anthropological, and psychological aspects.

Attendees will have direct access to interact with Asa and ask questions.
Jamie said that Canteen wanted to have this event to focus on elevating people’s appreciation for beer. I told her we all drink beer all the time, but why not provide something more that people can take with them forever?

(Side note: On Friday, Canteen released a key lime kettle sour. Sales of that release of Social Capital on Friday topped sales of both IPAs combined. Go Canteen! There is another special release the day of this scholarly event; come find out what it might be.)

Another upcoming event at Canteen with Asa will not be limited to 25 people. On Saturday, head on over for the Beer, BBQ, and Bites beer pairing. There will be a special Brut IPA release, also. Check back for more details on Saturday’s event.

Now go forth and conquer Beer Week, Burquenos!

Cheers to learnin’!

— AmyO

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