ABQ Beer Week: Red Door hosts lecture on effects of climate change on brewing

Head over to Red Door today for a lecture on the impact climate change is having on the beer industry.

From shifting weather patterns to the decimation of wildlife habitat, potential concerns surrounding climate change are continuously being brought to light with new research. Now, two local researchers are working to determine the effects of climate change on the beer brewing process.

They will present their findings and discuss future directions in a lecture to take place from 6 to 7 p.m. today (Wednesday) at Red Door’s main brewery at 1001 Candelaria NE. There is no cover charge for this event.

The lecture will be presented by Drs. Asa and Mark Stone. In addition to being the only Advanced Cicerone® in New Mexico, Asa is also a Presidential Fellow and Brewing & Beverage Management faculty member at CNM, as well as a climate science and data analysis expert.

Mark is an Associate Professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at UNM, a Registered Professional Engineer, and Diplomat of Water Resources Engineering, with expertise in climate change and resilience.

At the time of our communication, Asa said that the lecture title was in the process of changing and would read something like “Climate and Beer Brewing“ or “Impacts of Climate on Spontaneous Fermentation.“

Asa and Mark collaborated with Jean van Roy of Brasserie Cantillon, a traditional Lambic brewery in Brussels, and Adam Harbaugh of Lambic.info to investigate the impacts of climate change on the Lambic brewing process, which is highly temperature dependent, as well as its associated cultural heritage.

“We hope to elevate the audience’s appreciation for beer, the role of beer in society, and (the understanding of) how climate change is threatening the beer (not just Lambic),” Asa said.

The talk is the latest in the monthly Disaster Proof lecture series that began at Red Door in February. The lectures are presented in collaboration with The South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center and cover what can be done to prepare for natural disasters at the local and individual level. Previous topics included flooding, wildfires, and drought.

“It was always the plan to lead up to climate change and its effects on the beer industry for Beer Week,” Candelaria taproom manager Johnny Padilla said. “It will be a dive into the climate and how it affects things integral to our beer industry.”

Thanks to both Asa and Johnny for their insights on this interesting and educational event!


— Maureen

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