Brewery Patio Bracket Regional Finals: The title of the best offsite taproom still up for grabs

The most votes among offsite taprooms in the first and second rounds went to this spot on West Central. (Photo courtesy of Boxing Bear)

The regional finals in our brewery patio bracket-style tournament continue as we pit the best of the best among the offsite taprooms in three geographic groupings.

While these have not been the most popular brackets in terms of overall votes, the lower totals led to some very close finishes in the first and second rounds. We were certainly intrigued to see if the second-round results would exactly mirror the first round. In one region, they did indeed, but in the other two, there were changes galore in the order of finish.

Here is how the second round played out. The top two finishers advanced to the regional finals.

ABQ Offsite Taprooms West: 1. Boxing Bear West Downtown 89 votes, 2. El Vado Taproom 76, 3. La Cumbre Westside 58, 4. Marble Westside 50

ABQ Offsite Taprooms East: 1. Canteen on Tramway 66, 2. Santa Fe Green Jeans 59, 3. Santa Fe Tin Can Alley 57, 4. Boxing Bear on Tramway 49, 5. Bosque Nob Hill 37

Offsite Taprooms Beyond ABQ: 1. Drylands Hobbs 48, 2. Truth or Consequences Las Cruces 44, 3. Boese Brothers Los Alamos 40, 4. Little Toad Creek Las Cruces 36

The West results were in the exact same order as the first round, but the East was not. Canteen came in fourth in the first round, behind the two SFBC taprooms and Boxing Bear. This time around, it leapfrogged all three. Was that due to us having to add Bosque after (regrettably) forgetting that taproom in the first round? Perhaps, but there is no way to know for sure.

As for the taprooms outside the metro area, Drylands still held onto the top spot, but TorC went from fourth in the first round to second place over Boese Brothers and Little Toad Creek.

See? There was a point to having a second round.

Anyway, as we get to the regional finals polls, we once again remind everyone that this is just for fun. What makes a patio great is up to you. The photos below are a mix of those provided by the breweries and from the Crew archives. For this round, you are just voting for one winner. Good luck!

ABQ Offsite Taprooms West

Boxing Bear West Downtown
El Vado Taproom by Ponderosa Brewing

Boxing Bear’s expanded patio certainly seems to be poised to reach the championship round, but El Vado could still surprise here. Both should at least take pride in beating out the taprooms from the two biggest, and arguably most popular breweries in town.

ABQ Offsite Taprooms East

Canteen Taproom on Tramway
Santa Fe Green Jeans Farmery

Canteen spoiled the all-SFBC showdown with its surprise run. Can it do it again for another round, or will the power of Green Jeans propel the oldest brewery in the state to victory?

Offsite Taprooms Beyond ABQ

Drylands Brewing, Hobbs
Truth or Consequences Brewing, Las Cruces

Drylands claimed victory in the first two rounds, but clearly the TorC fans came out to make their voices heard. For two fairly new taprooms, it’s clear they have already built up a loyal following.

The regional finals will continue with the breweries in Northern New Mexico and those in the suburbs of Burque. You can still vote in those second-round polls until noon on Wednesday.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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