Brewery Patio Bracket Round Two: Time to separate the best of the best offsite taprooms

Boxing Bear’s West Downtown Taproom received the most votes of any offsite location in the first round, but it was not quite enough to earn a bye to the regional final.

The second round of our brewery patio bracket-style tournament rolls along as we return to the offsite taprooms. Last time, we had the taprooms outside Albuquerque in a separate story from the two sets on the east and west sides of Interstate 25, but now we are putting all three polls in this story.

Why? Well, our polls technically last for one week (the next shortest run would be for 24 hours), and we want to start to concentrate the results down to midweek as we narrow down this field. Also, those two polls alone had 16 total patios competing, whereas in this round between three polls there will be 13.

Oh, and about that 13, we knew at some point we would probably screw up and leave someone out, and lo and behold, we did just that. The Bosque Public House in Nob Hill was omitted from the ABQ East Side taproom poll, a pretty glaring mistake on our part. To apologize for such an oversight, we are adding that taproom to the second-round poll below, meaning five will compete for the two spots in the regional final. That is the only poll where we will have more than four competitors in this second round.

Now that we got that mea culpa out of the way, here are the first-round results for all three offsite taproom polls. These were some fairly competitive regions, with no clear-cut runaways like we saw in the southern reaches of New Mexico.

ABQ Offsite Taprooms West: 1. Boxing Bear West Downtown 113 votes, 2. El Vado (Ponderosa) Taproom 88, 3. La Cumbre Westside 68, 4. Marble Westside 61, 5. Red Door Downtown 56, 6. Tractor Westside 44, 7. Nexus Blue Smokehouse 36, 8. Restoration Pizza by Bosque Brewing 30

ABQ Offsite Taprooms East: 1. Santa Fe Brewing at Green Jeans 89, 2. Santa Fe at Tin Can Alley 87, 3. Boxing Bear Tramway 83, 4. Canteen Taproom on Tramway 79, 5. Enchanted Circle on San Mateo 49, 6. Tractor Nob Hill 41, 7. Quarter Celtic on Juan Tabo 39, 8. Rock Canyon (Lizard Tail) Taproom 14

Offsite Taprooms beyond ABQ: 1. Drylands Hobbs 64, 2. Boese Brothers Los Alamos 49, 3. Little Toad Creek Las Cruces 41, 4. Truth or Consequences Las Cruces 37, 5. Bosque Las Cruces Public House 34, 6. Bosque Las Cruces Telshor 29, 7. Red Door Clovis 28, 8. Icebox on North Main 20

Now it is time to vote for the two best in each regional and send them on to the final (and yes, the polls are weird and allow for up to three, but we ask you all limit your choices to two per poll, as we cannot change the poll settings any further). As before, it is totally up to each and every one of you what makes a patio the best. This is a non-scientific, totally-for-fun tournament. The only thing at stake for the breweries is bragging rights.

The pictures below are either courtesy of the breweries or from the Crew archives.

ABQ Offsite Taprooms West

Boxing Bear West Downtown Taproom
El Vado Taproom, by Ponderosa Brewing
La Cumbre Westside
Marble Westside

This was a fairly competitive bunch in the first round, with Boxing Bear just pulling away toward the end, while Marble Westside hung on to that last spot even we did not have a photo available to share (big thanks to Geraldine Lucero for getting us one for this round). It should be fascinating to see how things shake out this time around.

ABQ Offsite Taprooms East

Bosque Public House in Nob Hill
Boxing Bear Tramway
Canteen Taproom on Tramway
Santa Fe Green Jeans Farmery
Santa Fe Tin Can Alley

The gap between fourth and fifth was significant (30 votes), but the gap from first to fourth was not (only 10 votes). It should be quite the battle between the two Santa Fe taprooms, the two taprooms on Tramway, and now a Nob Hill hotspot thrown in for good measure.

Offsite Taprooms Beyond ABQ

Boese Brothers Brewery, Los Alamos
Drylands Brewing, Hobbs
Little Toad Creek, Las Cruces
Truth or Consequences Brewing, Las Cruces

This poll got the fewest votes in the first round, probably because most of our readers have not been to any of these locations. Even those of us in the Crew can probably only claim to have visited Boese Brothers (Reid) and Little Toad Creek (yours truly after last year’s Blazin’ Brewfest). It will be interesting to see how things shake out now if some regular customers at these spots start to chime in with the rest of us.

So that is all the offsite taprooms. The ABQ Metro Breweries, which were put together with the Offsite beyond ABQ in the first round, will instead be paired up with the breweries of the far north on Wednesday, and we will finish with all four sets of Albuquerque polls on Thursday.

Vote away, and good luck to everyone out there.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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