Red Door Celebrates 7 Years

Photo provided by Red Door
Red Door Downtown Taproom, ready to celebrate. Photo provided by Red Door.

Hey, we made it to Friday, and it looks to be a fun weekend out there on the beer front to boot! Franz Solo here, with Red Door’s 7th anniversary celebration commencing on Saturday at 2 p.m., I talked to operations manager Ali Cattin about what they have planned for the occasion.

Solo: So you’ve got your 7th anniversary coming up this weekend, you guys have canned and will be tapping Prost Malone?

Ali: Yeah, it’s so good this year. I think I say that every year, but it’s actually really great this year, we’re excited about it.

Solo: Awesome, can’t wait to try it! What else do you have going on for the weekend?

Ali: It kind of crept up on us this year with the move (from the original brewery into Mother Road) and there’s been some change out in Clovis with some staff and management. Usually we do it closer to the 14th but with the Craft Brewer’s Conference, Matt Meier, Matt Biggs and I were all going to be out of town because we all went to Denver for that. So we pushed it back a little bit this year and then we wanted to release Prost Malone with it. 

Photo provided by Red Door
Prost Malone looking delightful under the Autumn sun. Photo provided by Red Door.

Without the taproom on Candelaria where we would usually do a bigger celebration, it kind of fell on the Downtown taproom as our flagship now. Taproom manager Dustin was putting together a couple of bands, Mango Cakes and The Vinyl Countdown (from 8 p.m.), and then we’ll be tapping Prost Malone. We’re going to be doing it low key this year with all of the change that’s happening but we still wanted to celebrate. It’s still 7 years and especially after 2020, 7 years is definitely worth celebrating.

Photo provided by Red Door
Red Door Downtown patio. Photo provided by Red Door.

Solo: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ali: Downtown has a drag brunch going on this Sunday (12:30-2:30 p.m.) which I think will become a regular thing. It’s a lot of fun. 

Solo: Having done a few drag events in college, yeah, those are great, lots of fun. 

Ali: This is our first one post shutdown, it was getting to be really popular pre-shutdown but this is the first one we’ve done since February of 2020. 

In addition to Prost Malone, Red Door has also tapped Tropical Synonyms, a Hazy IPA that they brought back from last year. You can find cans of Prost Malone throughout Red Door’s distribution footprint (Total Wine, Smith’s, Albertson’s, Kelly Liquors, Jubilation. Subject to availability). It’s definitely been a difficult year with all of the changes between moving the brewery, merging operations at Mother Road and just keeping up with the craziness of the past year. Suffice it to say, surviving into 2021 is well worth a Prost or seven. So head to the Downtown Taproom for pints of Prost Malone and Tropical Synonyms this Saturday and raise a cheers to 7 years of Red Door Brewing! Until next time, have a great weekend everyone.


Franz Solo

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