Downtown breweries appreciate all that Artwalk brings to their taprooms

Photo provided by Red Door
The Red Door Downtown Taproom will be buzzing again tonight for ABQ Artwalk.

The weather is sure cooperating with the organizers of the monthly ABQ Artwalk in downtown this Friday. The festivities kick off at 5 p.m. and run through most of the night at multiple places on Central and adjacent streets.

From today’s events to all those in past months, Artwalk has provided a major boost for businesses downtown, including a trio of brewery taprooms.

“It’s been great for us!” Sidetrack co-owner Anne O’Neill said while darting from tent to tent at the Beer Premier last weekend.

Looking for a little more detail, I sent out a series of email questions to Sidetrack, Red Door, and Boese Brothers. Only Red Door’s downtown taproom manager, Dustin Rael, got back to us by our deadline, but we’re just gonna go ahead and guess that the others were busy preparing for tonight’s festivities.

NMDSBC: How much of a positive impact have the Artwalk crowds had on your breweries, especially coming out of the pandemic restrictions period?

Red Door: I think there is a great positive impact on Red Door and downtown combined. It seemed everyone was itching for an event like this coming out of the pandemic, and it has been a really nice showcase for local artists, musicians, and vendors.

NMDSBC: Have you noticed new customers coming back to your taprooms after first visiting during an Artwalk? 

Red Door: Artwalk tends to bring new faces downtown and we hear “we didn’t know you were down here” quite a bit. I think, as I mentioned, Artwalk being a showcase for local talent, but it’s also a great showcase for businesses in the same effect, and we do get a lot of repeat customers from each Artwalk.

NMDSBC: What have been some of your favorite/most successful tie-ins to past Artwalks?

Red Door: Each Artwalk tends to be its own unique showcase, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. We’ve had interactive ones with live painting on our back patio and live tarot card readings in the taproom. Customers seem to be drawn to that style of event.

NMDSBC: What do you have planned for this Friday?

Red Door: This upcoming Artwalk we will have a Tarot Ritual for Dia De Los Muertos by Celine Gordon titled “The Death Card,” as well as her art up for purchase, and we will have DJ Caterwaul for live music.

As for the other breweries, Boese Brothers will part of ArtBlock, where Gold Avenue is closed off from Sixth to Seventh Streets. There will be an indoor and outdoor artisan market at the brewery, plus live music from Dotwall and Graeme Byous. The outdoor market opens at 5 p.m. and runs until 8, while the indoor market will go from 6 to 10.

Sidetrack will have Adobe Disco spinning on the patio in support of Zahra Marwan’s art show next door at Zendo Coffee. We can also note that there will be a fresh batch of Further West IPA on tap for patrons to enjoy. That all kicks off at 5 p.m.

Any questions? Contact the breweries directly for more details.

A big thanks to Dustin for responding.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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