Happy Sunday, everyone. Stoutmeister here with a quick listing of all the winners at the first New Mexico Cup, which was held Saturday at the Albuquerque Convention Center. The Dark Side Brew Crew were invited to participate as celebrity judges, so we will have a lot more of our thoughts in a bigger review of this even that we will run Monday.

For now, here are all the winners in the beer categories. There were three tiers of judging, the professionals (who judged in a blind taste test Friday and had more beers available to sample than at the main event on Saturday; this is not unique, there are far more beers entered in the competition at the Great American Beer Festival than are made available to the public), us celebrity judges, and the people’s choice, which means all of you mere mortals (just kidding) who attended.

Without further adieu …


People’s choice: Tractor’s Mann der Damm; Celebrity: Mann der Damm; Professional: 1. Mann der Damm, 2. Nexus Cream Ale, 3. Il Vicino Dark American Lager

Pilsners, Kolsches, and Light Hybrids

People’s choice: Tractor’s Pilsner; Celebrity: Nexus’ Cream Ale; Professional: 1. Sandia Chile Grill’s German Pilsner, 2. Il Vicino’s Pigtail Pilsner, 3. Tractor’s Pilsner

Belgians & Wheats

People’s choice: Sierra Blanca’s Alien Wheat; Celebrity: Alien Wheat; Professional: 1. ABQ Brew Pub’s Summer Saison, 2. Marble’s Abbey Darkness, 3. Il Vicino’s 28M American Wheat

Pale Ales & ESBs

People’s choice: Santa Fe’s Happy Camper; Celebrity: (tie) Tractor’s Sodbuster Pale Ale and Sierra Blanca Pale Ale; Professional: 1. Sierra Blanca’s Pale Ale, 2. Happy Camper, 3. Sandia Chile Grill’s ESB


People’s choice: Il Vicino’s Dougie Style Amber; Celebrity: Dougie Style Amber; Professional: 1. Il Vicino’s Slow Down Brown, 2. Il Vicino’s Sasquatch Scotch, 3. Dougie Style Amber

NMCupCelebrityPickRed Ales

People’s choice: Marble Red; Celebrity: Marble Red; Professional: 1. Il Vicino’s Irish Red, 2. Il Vicino’s Odin’s Imperial Red, 3. Tractor’s Farmer’s Tan Red Ale


People’s choice: (tie) Nexus’ Chocolate Porter and Bosque’s Olde Bosky; Celebrity: Olde Bosky; Professional: 1. Santa Fe’s State Pen Porter, 2. Il Vicino’s Baltic Porter


People’s choice: Il Vicino’s Dark & Lusty Stout; Celebrity: Tractor’s Double Plow Oatmeal Stout; Professional: 1. Marble’s Oatmeal Stout, 2. Il Vicino’s Oatmeal Stout, 3. Dark & Lusty Stout


People’s choice: Il Vicino’s Wet Mountain IPA; Celebrity: (tie) Broken Bottle’s “The Incident” Black IPA and Wet Mountain; Professional: 1. Rio Grande’s IPA, 2. ABQ Brew Pub’s Experimental Hop IPA, 3. Bosque’s Ember IPA

NMCupBestofShowImperial Styles

People’s choice: Marble’s Imperial Red; Celebrity: Marble’s Imperial Stout; Professional: 1. Il Vicino’s St. Bob’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, 2. Marble Reserve, 3. Santa Fe’s Chicken Killer Barleywine

Specialty Brews

People’s choice: Marble’s Oaked DIPA; Celebrity: Santa Fe’s Java Stout; Professional: 1. Santa Fe’s Lambic, 2. Il Vicino’s Milk Chocolate Cherry Stout, 3. Marble’s Old Brun

Best of Show

Il Vicino’s St. Bob’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

* * *

So that’s the list. We agreed with some, disagreed with others, but that’s the beauty of beer — there really are no wrong answers. Like I’ve said, we’ll have a more extensive review Monday!

Until then,


— Stoutmeister

  1. Marne Gaston says:

    Hey! So sorry,but I made a mistake, SFBC won the professional specialty category with their lambic not java stout.

  2. cjax33 says:

    Easy fix, thanks Marne!

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