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Posted: April 7, 2014 by cjax33 in Beer Notes, News
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Happy National Beer Day, everyone! Today is the 81st anniversary of the day prohibition was repealed, so folks everywhere should raise their pints in honor of one of those rare moments when politicians actually did the right thing.

Anyway, while the various Crew members debate what beer to drink to honor this sacred day, I’ve been sifting through the beer news files to fill out another notebook. This time around we’ve got news on two new breweries in New Mexico (yes, we’re finally starting to make contact), a quick recap of our brewing day at Tractor, and a few other tidbits here and there.

Bosque's current system will be sold to the Los Alamos Beer Co-op.

Bosque’s current system will be sold to the Los Alamos Beer Co-op when the new system goes online soon.

Bosque lends Los Alamos a helping hand

Last week I stopped by Bosque to get an update on the progress of their new brewhouse, which is about a month away from full activation. The thing I neglected to do was ask what will happen to the old 3.5-barrel system they have been using since they opened. The answer to that unasked question appeared today in my inbox.

The Los Alamos Beer Co-op, which we have written about before, is going to purchase Bosque’s old system for their future brewery. This is another great example of one in-state brewery helping another.

“Purchasing brewing equipment puts us one step closer to being a reality,” said LABC board President, Micheline Devaurs in a press release. “Buying a used system makes great sense in this market because the lead time to purchase new equipment is often over a year due to demand. Used systems like the one we purchased can be fairly new, because breweries size up quickly.”

The LABC is still working on finding a suitable location in Los Alamos, with the hope of opening their brewery/taproom some time this fall. Until then, Bosque’s old equipment will be kept in storage once the transfer is complete.

“This brewing system had many positives which drove our decision,” Devaurs said in the release. “The system is less than two years old, has had one owner and has been in constant use making good beer. The brewer from Bosque Brewing will be assisting in both system set up and brewer training. Additionally, the money we will save in transportation and shipping costs makes this well worth it for us.”

I hope to have a full interview with members of the LABC up on our site here in the coming weeks, so everyone can learn more about this unique brewing enterprise. We just have to work around their busy schedules, the Albuquerque Isotopes home schedule, and the possibility of my going to Las Vegas late in the month with “that friend” from college. It could be the death of me, especially since there’s a new Yardhouse in Vegas that has 160 taps. Yup, 160. I may never leave.

We borrowed this photo from Red Door's Facebook page showing their brewing tanks being delivered.

We borrowed this photo from Red Door’s Facebook page showing their brewing tanks being delivered.

Enter through the Red Door (Brewing Co.)

A couple weeks ago at Tractor while we were all talking about our brews (see next entry), I was talking with La Cumbre’s Leah Black about yet another new brewing venture here in Albuquerque. She asked if any of us had heard about Red Door Brewing, which was set to open “somewhere on Candelaria” in the near future. We had not at the time, but fortunately we soon discovered one of our readers was one of the founding partners of this new brewery. Thanks to this, we have managed to touch base with Red Door’s owners and now Franz Solo and I (assuming he’s over his cold) will visit their new location this Wednesday.

Red Door will be located at 1001 Candelaria NE, just west of I-25 on the north side of the street. They have a Facebook page up already and some pics showing their brewing equipment being delivered. We will find out Wednesday all the details about when they hope to open, their projected brewing capacity, what styles of beer they like, and more.

We know a lot of you have been chomping at the bit for news on the many new places opening around town. We are doing our best to find out about the rest, but if anyone out there has info or is able to pass along contacts for these new places, please send it to us.

For the record, we know of the following new breweries:

  • Lizard Tail Brewing in the old Farside space at Montgomery and Eubank
  • Boxing Bear Brewing in the old Elliott’s Bar near Alameda and Corrales
  • The Draft Station on Central west of downtown
  • Rio Bravo Brewing in the South Valley
  • Hops Brewing in Nob Hill near Carlisle
  • Ponderosa Brewing in the Sawmill District near 12th and Mountain
  • Broken Arrow Brewing, which rumors have put near 12th and I-40
  • The unnamed small brewery on 2nd Street between Lead and Coal downtown

Know of any others? Pass us the info, especially for anything outside of the Albuquerque area. We hope that there are more new places opening up across the state and fewer closing their doors like Mimbres Valley just did in Deming.

Porter Pounder, left, and Stoutmeister work on our beer at Tractor Wells Park this past Saturday.

Porter Pounder, left, and Stoutmeister work on our beer at Tractor Wells Park this past Saturday.

We brewed a beer, now it just needs a name

So four of us in the Crew — myself, E-Rock, Brandon, Porter Pounder — trekked over to Tractor Wells Park early Saturday morning to brew our beer for the upcoming Battle of the Beer Geeks event for ABQ Beer Week next month. With assistant brewer Josh Campbell helping us out (and head brewer David Hargis bringing us pints and ordering pizza because he’s awesome, too), we managed to brew a big, burly, yet sweet stout. Our obsidian ale should check in between 7- and 8-percent ABV. We’ll share more on what our recipe entailed and some specifics about the brewing process at another time, probably closer to the actual release of the beer on May 22 alongside beers brewed by our friends in the Babes in Brewland, ABQ Craft Beer Drinkers, and Dukes of Ale.

Now all we need is a name for this beer. We argued (a lot) about names, ranging from dark to downright goofy. Got any suggestions? It’s a big stout with sweet characteristics. Some kind of double name that contrasts both elements, perhaps?

A big thanks to Josh for all his hard work and patience with us, David for all of the above, and owner Skye Devore for inviting us to participate in all this. We truly had a blast brewing and at least a couple of us said aloud “I could do this every day!” We will have a photo gallery up on Facebook at some point once everyone gets their photos together. I’m the only one not back at work today, but I’ll have plenty on my plate when the Isotopes return to town Friday. Speaking of which …

What to drink when taking in a Topes game

I hope to take a quick tour of the beers available at Isotopes Park this week before Friday’s home opener. I might as well put my season press pass to use for something besides just writing about the players this season, right? Nothing goes better together than beer and baseball, so this seemed like a pretty good idea.

Of course, it’s all for you guys, since they tend to frown upon beers in the press box. Though during some of those 15-10, four-hours-plus games, we do tend to grumble about needing a pint or two up there. Let’s hope the potentially good pitching staff the Topes have this season will keep those ugly games to a minimum.

This and that

  • La Cumbre has brewed a Triple IPA called Father Nelson. It’s due out April 21. Prepare your palates now, for this one sounds like it will destroy every tastebud in its path. (Not that that’s a bad thing for some of you crazy hopheads.)
  • Shilling is not dead, he’s just been working the graveyard shift for Albuquerque Ambulance. He is headed up to Denver shortly and hopes to have some reviews of breweries and beers up there. If anyone has some suggestions for some under-the-radar places to check out, please pass them along.
  • I hope to hit up Vegas and then Flagstaff on my way back later this month. Suggestions for places to stop at are welcome.
  • Franz Solo has reviewed the latest Game of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang. Look for it this Friday. Mrs. Solo intends to start writing for us once she gets through her last few weeks of college classes. My suggestion for her first post is how to accumulate the most badges on Untappd in the shortest time possible.
  • Got any brew news of any kind? Or some questions for us? Message us on Facebook, Twitter, or at Or if you see any of us in person at a brewery, come say hello.

Until the beer news notebook fills up again …


— Stoutmeister

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