Santa Fe brews up a plan to help save the Santa Fe River

Posted: June 9, 2015 by Luke in Beer in Santa Fe, Events, News


“$30 gets you in, a stainless steel pint vessel, and a pint of Santa Fe River Brew…plus fun, food, and music.” Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Watershed Association.

In 1855, the Santa Fe River rose beyond its banks and washed away a good portion of a major brewery in Santa Fe. That instance made the papers and thus became our first official documentation of any brewery in New Mexico. Now, that’s not to say that there weren’t other breweries in existence, but we just don’t have them on record. The river was mighty back then, mighty enough to deal a blow to New Mexico’s early craft beer industry, but it needs our help now.

Flash-forward to the year 2015, Wednesday, June 10th, New Mexico’s current oldest brewery, Santa Fe Brewing Company, is sponsoring a launch party along side the Inn of the Governors to help the Santa Fe Watershed Association (SFWA) restore our beloved river to the prominence of the past. Ain’t forgiveness divine?

Last week I spoke with Executive Director of the SFWA, Andy Otto, over the phone (and via email) about their mission and the event.

DSBC: In your words, what is the mission of the SFWA?

Otto: The mission of the Santa Fe Watershed Association is to protect and restore the health and vibrancy of the Santa Fe River and its watershed for the benefit of people and the environment. We achieve this through education, restoration, stewardship, and advocacy. From the river’s headwaters to the Rio Grande, we honor the connection of people and the watershed.


Kayakers taking advantage of actual water flowing in the Santa Fe River during a recent monsoon. Photo courtesy of @SFLukeStyle being in the right place at the right time.

DSBC: What does the membership entail? How much is it?

Otto: We have various membership levels. You can see them RIGHT HERE.

DSBC: And for Wednesday’s special event, what does signing up through the website get you?

Otto: $30 gets you in, a stainless steel pint vessel (pictured above), and a pint of Santa Fe River Brew … plus fun, food, and music.


About the beer. The River Brew is Santa Fe’s highly underrated Hefeweizen. Coming in between 5.5 and 6% ABV, and somewhere around 12 IBUs, it’s a perfect beer for the hot days that are finally upon us. According to Jason Soto of SFBC, this beer was a 30-barrel batch and will be available throughout New Mexico for a limited time, and it’s currently on tap at the brewery. Just like the Santa Fe River, the Hefe is back! But only we can keep these treasures flowing. The power is yours! Did he just quote Captain Planet, you’re asking yourself? No. No I did not. (Yes, yes you did. Nerd. — S)

* * * * *

The River Brew launch party will be Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. at Del Charro in Santa Fe. You can get your tickets online HERE. According to Otto, there are still tickets available for the event. But, if you can’t attend and still want to help restore and revitalize our historic river, you can buy a membership with the Watershed Association anytime, all year round. But seriously, who can resist good beer for a good cause? We in the Dark Side Brew Crew cannot.


— Luke


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