Blue Corn’s Midnight Red is coming for your soul!

Posted: June 19, 2015 by Luke in Beer in Santa Fe, Beer Review


The best part is you can drink it anytime Blue Corn is open, not just at midnight.

The Midnight Red is now available at Blue Corn Brewery. After a week on tap, it has certainly hit its stride. It’s been a while since Blue Corn released a beer as monstrous as this big, dark, malty Imperial Red Ale, and so I sat down with brewer James Warren to taste his beer and talk to him about releasing such a creature upon New Mexico. Actually, I sat down with him the first day it went on tap and then also a week later. As I’m writing this, I’m trying it for a third time. When it comes to beer, we in the Dark Side like to be very thorough. Or, maybe I’m just under its spell.

NMDSBC: So tell me about your new beer, the Midnight Red.

Warren: Well, the malt on it is just two malts. It’s Two-Row and Patagonia C190. The C190 was kind of a surprise to us when it got delivered. We decided to go with it. It’s been a great malt. Patagonia’s given us a couple other things. It’s been great. And then lots of hops! Mainly Zythos and Amarillo.

NMDSBC: So it’s a big beer. Any complications with this one?

Warren: It went surprisingly easy, which scared me at first. (Laughs)

NMDSBC: There’s always a chance that something might go wrong, especially when you make a big beer like this in a smaller mash tun.

Warren: Oh, absolutely! It’s another one where the mash tun is just kind of hanging open and the side clasps just want to give up, but it went surprisingly well. I mean, it added some time, as always.

NMDSBC: And so this was the first brew you did with your new assistant brewer, right?

Warren: Yeah, Kyle (Yonan, previously of New Mexico Craft Brewing), it was his first specialty beer he got to do with me. And he definitely had a lot of good input on what to do with the dry hop. And he loves hops. And you know me, not an IPA guy.

NMDSBC: You’re a malt man! So, I’ve heard.

Warren: I’ll take any input on hops you want to give me. (laughs)

NMDSBC: I know you’ve brewed a big red before, I’m talking, of course, about the Alpha Reaper. That was huge and monstrous. How does this one compare?

Warren: I think this one is a little more malt-forward. There’s just something you get from fresh hops. It’s just so natural to the other beer. And I’m looking forward to doing the Alpha Reaper again with a whole different set of other hops. It’s gonna be all Columbus this year instead of all Chinook.

NMDSBC: Sounds delicious, but I do love my Chinook … As always, will this beer make it to Albuquerque? Will this beer hit Draft Station soon?

Warren: (Laughs) It will!

* * * * *

From my own tasting notes, the Midnight Red is seductive, voluptuous, and powerful. It’ll come for you in the night. It’s a sweet, boozy kiss with a bite. If I were to liken it to any mythical creature, it’s the winged Succubus of beers, beautiful, bewitching, deadly. You will be in her alluring embrace before you ever have a chance to escape. Resistance is futile. This beer will own your very soul, but you’ll love every minute of it. But make no mistake. This is a red-red ale. Well done James! Save some for GABF. Remember guys and gals, life is a tulip glass, fill it with only the best stuff. That was for Karim, on his birthday.


— Luke


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