New breweries update: Checking in on the progress of the many

Posted: June 22, 2015 by cjax33 in New Brewery Preview, News
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We all get excited when we see a new brewery's signage going up. (Photo courtesy of the NM Brewers Guild)

We all get excited when we see a new brewery’s signage going up. (Photo courtesy of the NM Brewers Guild)

One thing I had hoped to do in June, before life got in the way, was to go around and see where all the forthcoming breweries are in their progress toward opening. It is something that is easier to think about writing than actually writing. After all, these folks are busy somewhere in the process, whether securing a location, prepping said location to become a brewery, battling the city/state/county over permits, installing the brewhouse and other equipment, or just waiting for the beer itself to be ready.

The other issue the Crew runs into is often a simple one. How many new breweries are coming, anyway? We hear many a rumor, are told many an off-the-record story, and so on. We can check Facebook and other sites, but information online can range from scattered to non-existent. Going outside the ABQ metro area can be even trickier. We have heard of possible places opening around the state, but finding legitimate info has been difficult. So as we have many times before, if any of you out there knows about new breweries that are planning to open some time in the next 12 months or so, please get in touch with us at, or via our Facebook or Twitter pages. We don’t necessarily need you to go on the record or anything, but if you can at least point us in the right direction, we will appreciate it. Heck, we might even buy you a beer some time, because we are not above that form of bribery for information.

All that being said, this is the list of possible breweries we have in the ABQ metro area as planning on opening in the future.

Ale Republic: They  have a location, but have yet to reveal where that is. In fact, they are being pretty darned secretive about the whole process. We did a story on the Ale Republic founders last year, and just got an email from them saying they have the location locked in and are currently working on preparing it for occupancy. An official announcement will be posted, possibly this week, via their social media pages.

Boese Brothers Brewing: Located in downtown ABQ on Gold and 6th, this operation is getting closer to opening, perhaps by the end of this summer or in the fall as the exterior sign attests. We have touched base with Sam Boese via text message (thank you, Monica Mondragon, for connecting us!) and he said they are still in the process of building out the interior of the space. When they have beer ready for the Crew to sample, we will head on over and do a formal write-up.

Bow and Arrow Brewing: Located on 6th Street just south of I-40, we know they have an ad out for a head brewer. A source passed along some images of what they hope the brewery will look like when it is finished. Swanky would be the word of the day.

Firkin Brewhouse: Located in the Brewery District near La Cumbre and Canteen (3351 Columbia, to be exact), we got to meet the owners at Blues & Brews. Their Capo Java Stout was delicious. Beyond that, we have put in an email to see where they are in their progress. They seem closer to opening, perhaps later this summer.

Hops Brewery: Located in Nob Hill, the word on the street is that they have run into some major delays and the project could be dead. Apparently, just having a storefront along Central is not enough. With no dedicated parking lot in the back, Hops may have to hop along down the trail.

Off-Kilter Brewing: Located near McLeod and San Mateo, this operation is under the guidance of Mike Campbell, who has brewed at Cazuela’s and Tractor. All we know right now is that Mike and his team are the ones who purchased the former La Cumbre 15-barrel brewhouse. It was moved out of LC recently and sent over to the Off-Kilter site. Hopefully we can start to learn more as they progress toward opening.

Yes, we would say that Rio Bravo looks different than our first visit there. (Photo courtesy of Ty Levis)

Yes, we would say that Rio Bravo looks different than our first visit there. (Photo courtesy of Ty Levis)

Rio Bravo Brewing: Located on 2nd Street just south of I-40, we already visited them back when they were in the early stages of build-out. There have been a few permitting delays, according to their Facebook page, but things seem to be progressing to a mid-July opening. We got this response from brewer Ty Levis via email: “You wouldn’t recognize the place. We are fastidiously working towards opening in July. Still plumbing tanks, glycol, boiler, and starting electrical next week. Would be testing system first week of July if all goes well.”

Sidetrack Brewing: Located on 2nd Street downtown between Lead and Coal, we have contacted them by email. They just got back to us and said the equipment is in place, but they still have a checklist of things to do to prepare the brewery for operation and then for occupancy. They are projecting a fall opening, but if they get lucky they may open later this summer.

Starr Brothers Brewing: Located on San Antonio east of I-25, this new operation is in the early stages of planning. The building itself is ready, but the build-out won’t start until July, they said in an email. The goal is to open in October. We are in touch with them and will likely have more info soon.

Sugar House Brewing: Located in the former Stumbling Steer property, this operation, proposed by the owners of Vernon’s/Wise Pies, sounds like it is a long, long ways from being open. The plan is to use this space to provide beer to the various restaurants. Beyond that, we know nothing.

Ventura Brewing: Located near Paseo del Norte and San Pedro, all we know is the name and the rough location. We will see where exactly it goes in and what type of beer style(s) they will specialize in, but the name certainly sounds Californian. Or at least to the ears of a guy who once took his younger cousins to see the Vans Warped Tour in said coastal city.

Unnamed Brewery at Gibson and Yale: We heard that this is a small place working toward opening later this year. That is all we have heard.

There is also talk of a brewery in the North Valley/Los Ranchos de Albuquerque area, rumored to be near 2nd Street and either Paseo or Alameda. Rumors of more places on the west side and Rio Rancho have also percolated from time to time, but we have heard nothing concrete.

Outside of Albuquerque

Unnamed Santa Fe Brewery: Luke is on the trail of news of a fifth brewery in the City Different.

Rincon Brewing: There were rumors of this place in the Farmington area. We are not sure if it is actually going to be in Farmington or in nearby Bloomington or Aztec, as there were rumors of a place trying to open there as well.

Picacho Peak Brewing: There was a Facebook page for a brewery based on the west side of Las Cruces, but with no updates since January we do not know if the project has been abandoned or is still in progress.

Roadrunner Brewing: Another Las Cruces-based operation, we have nothing beyond the name.

Noisy River Brewing: The Ruidoso-based brewery seems like a dead project.

Colfax Ale Cellar: The Raton-based brewery or beer bar (we are not sure which) may still be happening, but we have heard nothing official.

If anyone out there has heard of breweries popping up anywhere in the state, from Clovis to Hobbs to Roswell to Las Cruces to Carlsbad to Valencia County to anywhere up north, please contact us with any info you might have.

Thanks, everyone. As we get more info from the new breweries, we will update you, and hopefully we will get some tours and pictures and more in the weeks and months ahead.


— Stoutmeister

  1. Ray Nance says:

    check Miltons Brewing on Facebook, head brewer Lucas Middleton. Working to open the first brewery in Carlsbad.

  2. Mike Racine says:

    The Colfax Ale Cellar is alive! Had a tour last night, and sampled (big samples) three very nice brews. Their brewing permit is in process, and they expect to be up and running by May of 2016. Jim and Karen, with newly-imported renovation guru Garrett LaLiberty are hard at work cleaning, fixing, and prepping the brewery space.

  3. Mike Racine says:

    Sorry, Garrett’s name is LaFrance, not LaLiberty. My bad…

  4. Ian Methered says:

    I heard that there was a new brewery in the planning phase in Portales. From what I heard from a friend of mine it’s going to be locally owned and operated with a former military member as the brew master.

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