ABQ Beer Week Recaps: Finding Founders and feeling frustrated at Albuquerque Brewing

Posted: May 28, 2016 by amyotravel in ABQ Beer Week 2016
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The many delicious Founders beers are for sale at Jubilation.

The many delicious Founders beers are for sale at Jubilation.

Editor’s note: We continue our ABQ Beer Week recaps with a doubleheader from AmyO, which she compiled during her adventures on Friday. — Stoutmeister

Founders sent their reps along with six beers over to Jubilation to give Albuquerque East Siders a chance to taste and talk about Founders.

Up first was Rubeaus, a light and fruity raspberry ale coming in at 5.7-percent ABV and a scant 15 IBUs. It is sold in a cute nine-pack called a “Ruby Cube.” Too adorable. I don’t gravitate toward fruit beers, but this was surprisingly good. It’s almost as if a raspberry cider and summer ale had a high-achieving baby.

Next was All Day IPA, a very popular session IPA (4.7% ABV, 42 IBU). The reps told us that this beer is now the most popular canned craft beer in the U.S., despite the fact that it is only in 36 states.

Mosaic Promise (5.5% ABV, 55 IBU) is a single-hop, single-malt beer with Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malt. It is very hop forward with a light body, yet heavy earthiness from the Mosaic.

By far the strangest of the bunch was Mango Magnifico (10% ABV), a high gravity fruit beer at sold in 750-ml bottles. It was both super sweet from the mango and noticeably spicy from habenero chiles.

Founders Porter (6.5% ABV, 45 IBU) is a solid expression of the style. I will confess to screwing up the order in which I tasted, because I had the Porter right after the Mango Magnifico, and my palate was blown in that moment.

Last, but in no way least, was the Devil Dancer Triple IPA. I would be remiss if I didn’t warn everyone — this beer is flat-out deceptive. Although it does drink as a higher alcohol, hoppy beer, you would never guess it is 12-percent ABV and has a whopping 122 IBUs from dry hopping with 10 (!) hop varieties. This is a must-try, but you should proceed with an abundance of caution, readers.

Thanks, Founders! Everyone at the Jubilation tasting seemed, well, jubilant.

* * * * *

Albuquerque Brewing owner Curt Richter got the brats going after a bit of a delay.

Albuquerque Brewing owner Curt Richter got the brats going after a bit of a delay.

I stopped by Albuquerque Brewing Company last night following the Founders tasting at Jubilation. It was time for food, and beer brats were on the menu at ABC. That sounded perfect for Beer Week.

Unfortunately, although the event was advertised to start at 4 p.m. and continue through the evening — we arrived about 5:15 — there were no brats to be had. When we arrived, we inquired but the staff had no knowledge of when the food would begin. No owners were on site, nor was the brewer.

We were waiting for friends to join us at 6 so we decided to wait it out; otherwise we probably would have left, because they were also out of almost half of their beers. At the beginning of Beer Week. They didn’t even have the popular Dunkleweisen (really, for the brat event?), which hopefully means it’s all going to Blues and Brews.

As it turns out, Joe S. Sausage was supposed to provide the brats, but backed out of the event for unknown reasons. Curt Richter, one of the owners, showed up about a half hour later and started cooking brats himself. I found out that Joe S. Sausage did not back out that same day so there was some notice.

At this point, it was almost 6, two hours after the advertised time. The brats were cooking on the grill in front of the building, but there was music on the patio, so some people didn’t even know they were cooking. It was very disjointed.

I grabbed Curt a while later and told them there were four of us so we wanted four brats. By this time I was starving. Perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, he said something about me being demanding. Maybe that would be the case if everyone there were just buddies casually hanging out at someone’s house (those who have been to ABC know that’s what it’s like inside), but we were paying customers at an advertised Beer Week event, paying for both our beer and our food.

The owners are always nice and fun to pal around with, and the brats were really good when we finally got them. I just hoped for more organization for a Beer Week event. Granted, I am sure I take my Beer Week events way too seriously. There are so many events and there are only so many hours in an after-work evening, so a lack of available beer styles in addition to waiting around with no knowledge of when we could get food was difficult for a naturally impatient person like me to deal with.

Still, a big Beer Week cheers!

— AmyO

  1. klh048 says:

    Just a side note— l had a Moylan’s Afternoon Tealight at the Rock and Brews and it was an enjoyable and pleasant surprise. The concept…an ESB infused with Earl Grey tea…seemed a little risky: would you even taste the tea? The answer is yes and it seemed to hold together as a nice occasional summer beer.

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