Oktoberfiesta returns to Santa Fe Brewing HQ at long last


Before last year, when fall arrived in Santa Fe, it meant the scent of roasting chile in the air, golden leaves everywhere, and the promise of one big festival at New Mexico’s oldest and largest brewery, an Oktoberfest truly without compare.

Well, 2020 was a very hard year for all, even meme Humpty Dumpty didn’t have much of a fall. No festivals (anywhere) were allowed to be had, and craft beer lovers from NM were (autocorrect) ducking sad.

After a long, weird summer, Santa Fe and the surrounding areas are more than ready to raise a glass to a little cooler weather and a *little* lowering of masks. And this Saturday, Oktober, I mean October the 9th, Santa Fe Brewing has dusted off its tried and true design, and created something new and a bit more refined.

But, worry not fest goers, beer and brat lovers. They’ve planned something for you, and your significant others. For 2021, they’re bringing back the big bad bash to earn three great charities a little cold hard cash.

There will be tons of live music of the most eclectic mix. With everything from mariachis to DJ’s, there’s no box left to tick.


Mariachi Differencia with be jamming from 1 to 1:45 p.m.

From 1:45 to 2:45, (rock band) Triple Threat will be live.

From 2:45 to 3, the mariachis will be back at HQ.

At 3, if you want to enter the brat-eating contest, you better get in the queue.

From 4 to 5, the Partizani Brass Band will truly come alive.

From 5:15 to 6, the Free Range Buddhas will be right in their jive.

And, after a day of art and eating hearty, prepare to burn off some cals with DJ Kron Jeremy and his sunset dance party.

All day, Fusion Tacos will be slinging what they’ve got, but I’m told there’s another vendor, should you fancy an Oktoberfest brat.


But, don’t forget the true meaning of SFBC’s Prost! seasons. It’s the charities, after all, who go home with the most joyous of reasons. With a suggested donation of whatever you feel, you can help the Esperanza Shelter, the Indigenous Language Institute, or the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary with something that’s real. Just remember, 100 percent of the proceeds go straight to good causes. It’s enough to make anyone walk out feeling like bosses.

With games, music, and prizes galore, it’s back to the great Santa Fe Brewing parties of yore.

Except this time, Santa Fe Artwalk will be part of the scene. And, if you’ve been to the one in ABQ, you’ll already know what we mean.

In shape and size SF Artwalk nicely compares, with 40-plus vendors selling their incredible wares.

For those who want to know a bit more how this fest will be different from last, owner Brian Lock, via email, was up to the task.

“Oktoberfiesta will be different in that we are now going to incorporate both the Bridge venue and the HQ beer garden. People will be able to travel between the locations and most of the events take place outdoors, so there is no need for a mask.”

When asked how the event would be similar to Oktoberfiestas we’ve come to adore, Lock did us a solid and typed a little bit more.

“Oktoberfiesta is always about giving back to our community, and it will be no different this year.  We hope to raise more money for each charity this year than ever before.”


Saturday, 1 to 8 p.m. 35 Fire Place, Santa Fe, NM 87508. All are welcome.

To more festivals and toasting with delicious craft beers! I’m Luke from the Dark Side, to your health! Cheers!

— Luke

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