2015 Outside Bike & Brew Festival in pictures

Posted: May 20, 2015 by Luke in Outside Bike & Brew Festival 2015
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It was a whirlwind of fun again, Santa Fe! Cheers!

Everyone recaps events differently. Keeping that in mind, my experience of Outside Bike & Brew was entirely personal in such a way that it would take me several millions of words to really describe it to you. However, Stoutmeister would Force-choke me if I tried that. (You would be lucky if that was all I did when I’m buried in ABQ Beer Week prep. — S) So instead, here’s a few pictures and highlights of this year’s festival that went down in Santa Fe this past weekend.


Day 1: From the Maple Bacon-infused Java Stout poured through R2Beer2, to new stuff from Second Street, including their delicious High Wheeler Pale Ale, plus Project Dank from La Cumbre, some vanilla creamy goodness from Red Door, and a whole lot of samplin’ goin’ on, this was certainly a festival for craft beer lovers. My pick for glass of the night was Velo IPA from Blue Corn Brewery. Could this be a contender in the upcoming IPA Challenge? Maybe!


Bicycle companies like Reeb, Durango Bike Company, and Samsara Cycles came out to discuss cycling, trails, and shop with other gear heads. Is that a pun?


The gathering at the Railyard was one of the highlights of the festival. The huge crowd proved it.


Day 2: Well, it snowed in the morning, but the weather got a little nicer toward the start of the event. And mud or not, people came out for the food, music, and beer!


There were shenanigans in skirts, pouring in pink boots, hanging out with homebrewers, and beer talk with the beautiful folks of the Beer Trale! Cheers!


On Saturday, the breweries poured just as hard as the rain the day before, but with a few new twists on tap, like Santa Fe’s Freestyle infused with Tamarind. And look, I grabbed event coordinator and our very own Beer Ambassador, Chris Goblet, for an elevated selfie!


Day 3: On Sunday, the sun came out, and so did folks, one more time, to listen to some great bluegrass and say “Hoppy Trails” to Marble Brewery. Hopefully, once they’re settled in the UNM complex later this year, they’ll once again set their sights on the City Different! Farewell old friend! Thanks for all the great pours!


There were great beers, lots of die-hard cyclists who braved the elements, and there were beards. Didn’t I promise you beards? I did! I spent good time with old friends and made a few new ones. Cheers to a great Bike & Brew! I’ll definitely be there again next year!

    * * * * *

A major thanks to everyone involved. Thank you, Chris Goblet, and your hard-working team to make this another successful and fun event. The only thing you guys couldn’t control was the weather, and I’m sure, sir, you’re working on that. Special thank you to Julie Ruth, of IG: @CraftWhores and Loka Creative, whose part-brain-child/labor-of-love came to fruition as the perfect pairing of bikes and great craft beer in a setting so perfect for both. Cheers to all of the other organizers, vendors, security, media, and of course all of you who braved the cold on those snowy rides; all of you who came out in your boots to dance to psychobilly in the mud; and all of you who came to send Marble off in true Santa Fe style. Thank you, Santa Fe, for once again reminding me why I love this town. See you next year at Bike & Brew, rain or shine!


— Luke


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