Beer Notes: Yet another taproom is on tap for NE Heights

This building on Tramway near Paseo del Norte will soon host a Boese Brothers taproom.

As a public service, anytime we publish a story about one new brewery or off-site taproom opening, questions appear about any additional ones coming down the pipeline. As a public service, here are some tasty beer notes with info on what is on tap for Albuquerque and beyond.

Boese Brothers head for the foothills

We have known for a while that Boese Brothers Brewing was going to open a taproom somewhere in town, but the obvious question of where went unanswered. Thankfully, a magical little moment happened on Instagram and, with some help from a good friend in the industry, we tracked down the location.

The new taproom will open soon at 7849 Tramway Blvd. NE, which puts it just south of the intersection with Paseo del Norte. While Tractor and Canteen covered the southern end of Tramway with their taprooms, Boese Brothers will be the first to move into the far northern end of the corridor.

This will be the second off-site location for Boese Brothers, which also co-owns the Desert Dogs Taproom in Santa Fe. We will be in touch with George and Sam Boese to hopefully get an advance look at the place and learn a little more about it before it opens.

As for the other pending taprooms …

  • The license is now active for the Rock Canyon Taproom, formerly the Grant Brewing Taproom in Carnuel, near Tijeras. It appears to be up and running, though posts on the Facebook page are limited. Operating hours are listed as 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. We will dispatch a Crew writer to check it out soon.
  • A source informed us that due to structural issues with the building, Milton’s Brewing is no longer moving into its original intended location for the Milton’s Off Main taproom in Roswell. There is no word if a new location is being sought at this time.
  • The Tall Pines Beer and Wine Garden in Ruidoso is opening a second location in Alamogordo. To our knowledge, Tall Pines does not brew its own beer, but it does have a small brewer license, enabling it to apply for an off-site license.
  • Rejoice, for the long-awaited Nexus Blue Smokehouse on Broadway, just south of Avenida de Cesar Chavez, now has a pending license. We will catch up with Nexus owner Ken Carson soon to obtain more information.
  • The Quarter Celtic taproom on Juan Tabo also now has a pending license. As we noted in our full story on that location, the goal is to open in early 2019.

Roswell gets a brewery at last

Roswell’s first craft brewery is open for business. (Photo courtesy of Black Cock Brewery)

Black Cock Brewery in Roswell has opened its doors, giving the fifth biggest town in New Mexico its own locally-made craft beer. The brewery is located at 1719 SE Main and is open Friday through Monday. Currently, only one house beer, Black Cock Ale, is on tap, but guest beers are available.

All told, Southeast New Mexico now has breweries in Artesia (Hopscotch, The Wellhead), Carlsbad (Guadalupe Mountain, Milton’s), Lincoln (Bonito Valley), Lovington (Drylands), and Portales (Roosevelt). With Red Door putting a taproom in Clovis, that only leaves Hobbs as the biggest town in the region without a local brewing presence. As a way of putting that into perspective, when the Brew Crew formed in January 2012, The Wellhead was the only brewery in the area.

As for the other forthcoming breweries …

  • Construction is nearly complete at HoneyMoon Brewing in Santa Fe, per photos on Facebook. The license is active, so as soon as site preparation is complete, HoneyMoon will be able to start brewing its various styles of kombucha.
  • Icebox Brewing in Las Cruces started hiring staff in mid-October, so things are looking promising for an opening in the coming months.
  • Second Alarm Brewhouse in Jemez Springs now has a pending license. We had wondered why the owners were planning to open without one, and they told us that there was some sort of paperwork snafu. Now it looks like things are finally moving forward again.
  • Leaf & Hive Brewery in Santa Fe has a Facebook page finally, but there are no updates on the progress of the brewery. There are still no social media pages for Rail Brewery in Santa Fe or Public House 28 in Anthony.
  • In the metro area, Ex Novo Brewing has begun construction on the brewery building in Corrales. Ex Novo is currently looking for a head brewer, too, so things are moving along nicely for an anticipated 2019 opening.

As always, if anyone out there has information on a new brewery or a future taproom, please send it our way at


— Stoutmeister

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  1. Tyler Stucky says:

    Tall Pines Beer and Wine Garden does brew small batches. They barrel age all the beer in Whiskey barrels from Del Bac out of Tucson.

    1. cjax33 says:

      We know, our friend Tony Calder of Marble told us. We will have to stop by there when we head south.

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