ABQ Beer Week: Day Eleven puts a wrap on the whole darned thing

One last time into the breach, dear friends, one last time!

Well, this is it. Eleven days of fun have come down to one final day’s worth of events.

The final slate includes a sold-out golf tournament, a breakfast special, a brunch, an anniversary party, a celebration of casks, a unique charity drive, and one final sensory experience to close it all out. Thanks for being along for the ride with us!

Featured Event

Every day we will pick what we consider the biggest, most interesting, most unique event. This does not mean you should go to only this event and ignore the rest. All of them deserve your attention, but realistically, you can probably only attend a few. So we will make our daily pick, and you can either jump on it, or declare the Crew is foolish (we kinda are) and pick your own.

What: Le Cask Lunatique. Where: Steel Bender Brewyard. When: Noon. Cost: No cover charge.

Details: Once again, the Steel Bender brewers have gone a little overboard (in a good way) with six special casks on the patio bar. The Witty Gin is made from The Village Wit infused with the same botanicals and spices that Left Turn Distilling uses for its Old Tom Gin. Mulvaney’s Old Fashioned features the Irish red infused with cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, clove, allspice, and sweet cherries. Compa-rinha uses Compa Los Ranchos Lager conditioned with palm sugar, lime zest and juice. Stay Golden Sunrise utilizes the new Stay Golden Ale with maraschino cherries and fresh orange zest and juice. Funky George Porter adds a little brettanomyces for some proper funk. Finally, we cannot wait for Blue Bullet’s Wood-Aged Irish Whiskey, where the brewers took oak chips soaked in Left Turn’s NM Blue Corn Whiskey and added them to a cask of the Irish dry stout. Oh, and Le Chat Lunatique will be playing inside from 3:30 to 5:30.

Why you should go: If you can’t find a cask you like here, we’re not sure you really like beer.

All the other great events

What: 11th Annual New Mexico Brewers Guild Golf Tournament. Where: Santa Ana Golf Course. When: 7 a.m. Cost: Sold out. Details: If you did not get a ticket to this golf event benefiting the New Mexico Brewers Guild, you are out of luck. Why you should go: We hope you do get to go.

What: Heal Your Beer Week Hangover. Where: Green Jeans Farmery. When: 8 a.m. Cost: No cover charge. Details: Get some breakfast in you with burritos from Chumly’s, plus coffee and kombucha from Epiphany Espresso. Why you should go: Fuel up for the day ahead, and help recover from the night before.

What: Goose Island Sofie Sunday Beermosa Brunch. Where: Nob Hill Bar & Grill. When: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Cost: TBA. Details: Get some brunch and make beermosas with Goose Island’s Sofie. Why you should go: Beer, food, fuel.

What: Hoppy Birthday to Us. Where: Casa Vieja Brewery. When: Noon-5 p.m. Cost: No cover charge. Details: Celebrate Casa Vieja’s first year of brewing with beer, plus live music with Frank Salazar at 6 p.m. Why you should go: Stop in for a pint and enjoy that lovely patio.

What: Bike Part Drive Benefiting Esperanza. Where: Canteen Brewhouse. When: 2-4 p.m. Cost: No cover charge. Details: The folks at Esperanza Bicycle Safety Education Center need help, so bring in your used bikes or bike parts to donate. Then stick around for The Squash Blossom Boys at 4 p.m. Why you should go: Do good, and maybe clean out some of the mess in your garage.

What: Oils and Ales. Where: Red Door Downtown. When: 7-9 p.m. Cost: $10. Details: Challenge your senses as you enjoy the aromas of essential oils alongside a tray of four beers of your choice. Why you should go: If you missed it last Sunday, this is a pretty neat way to end the day, and Beer Week, for that matter.

* * * * *

Got any questions, comments, complaints? Send them to nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com, or leave them here on our site, on Facebook, on Twitter (@nmdarksidebc), or on Instagram.

Enjoy yourselves out there, but please, do it responsibly.


— Stoutmeister

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