There has been a lot of little beer-related news items coming across the Crew’s proverbial desk of late, so I figured I would jam them all together in a notebook. Now it’s just a test to see how many of those items I actually remember.

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

New breweries are (still) sprouting like weeds

After the recent brewery boom (Boxing Bear, Lizard Tail, Ponderosa, Red Door) you would think things would slow down for a bit. Well, you’d be wrong.

Rio Bravo Brewing is aiming to open in early 2015, though it will no longer be located on Rio Bravo. The new address is 1912 2nd St. NW, which was the old Firestone warehouse. That’s basically about two blocks east and a couple blocks north of Tractor Wells Park. We have tried many times to get a hold of someone at RBB, but alas, they have never responded. Maybe now that they have a location we’ll get a response. They are planning a full kitchen, indoor and outdoor stages, and “distribution statewide.” Clearly they’re not aiming for a neighborhood pub, like Lizard Tail, but are going big.

See? Snazzy logo.

See? Snazzy logo.

Elsewhere, Albuquerque Brewing Co., which has quite the snazzy logo, is still hoping to open in the near future. We had just touched base with them when we learned their brewer’s wife was about to have a baby. We can be nice and wait for a while until they get at least two consecutive hours of sleep in a night.

Firkin Brewhouse and Grill is aiming to open in the near future in the Brewery District near La Cumbre and Il Vicino. Their planned location is at 3351 Columbia Dr. NE. Firkin will have a trio of owners, with Aaron Walters and Mike Trissell handling the brewing while David Singer will manage the taproom. They’re aiming for more of a neighborhood pub, with a Prohibition Era theme. The goal is to have six beers on tap when they open in the first quarter of 2015. We’ll try to track them down and delve a little deeper into their plans.

And hopefully we’ll hear back from Blue Grasshopper in Rio Rancho. They got a nice write-up from Local IQ in a story about new breweries.

Another festival? Why not?

The ABQ BioPark Zoo will host its first beer festival on Saturday, Oct. 4, when Lions, Tigers, & Beers debuts. It runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and only folks 21 and over can attend (sorry, parents, you can’t bring the little ones along for this event). There’s a pretty sizable brewery list online, including Big Sky, Black Diamond, Deschutes, Lagunitas, Magic Hat, Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada, Stone, and more. In terms of in-state breweries, Abbey, Marble, Ponderosa, Santa Fe, and Sierra Blanca/Rio Grande will be in attendance. Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased online. The first 3,000 attendees get a souvenir mug.

Let the ECS begin

Back when we visited Santa Fe Brewing to talk about their pending expansion, they also let us know about the Ever Changing Series, a new run of limited specialty beers. Well, they’re kicking the ECS off this Friday with a shindig at the brewery from 4 to 10 p.m. Luke, our Santa Fe correspondent, will be in attendance, so look for his review next week.

The first beer in the ECS is a Double White IPA (10% ABV), which was made with orange peel (thus denying me from being able to drink it; Luke already sampled it and declared it to be wonderful) and a special South African hop called J-17 was mixed in with more traditional North American hops.

A new ECS beer will be released quarterly. They will be available for sale in bombers across the state.

A cider by any other name

The folks up at Santa Sidra wanted us to know that they took no offense to our tongue-in-cheek story about their cider beating out the beers for best in show at the State Fair Pro-Am. First, sales rep and friend of the Crew Angelo Orona gave us two bottles to sample (we’re aiming for Sunday evening on that). Second, Bullpen member Amy O was invited to take a tour of Santa Sidra this weekend. Look for our double cider story next week as we try to figure out if they really did deserve to beat all the beers.

Who put these guys on the radio?

UPDATED: We’ve interacted a lot with Thomas Molitor online about the brewing scene, so he decided it was time for us to come on his radio show, “The Spirits of New Mexico,” and talk face to face. Brandon and I will be joining him on KIVA 1600 AM (95.9 FM) on Friday morning. We’re scheduled to be there at 9:15 a.m. (bright and early by my standards), but as it turns out we’re just recording the show, it’s not airing live (probably a good thing). Listen in to the recorded show Saturday at 3 p.m. and tell us how we did! For those who have never talked to me in person before, I will warn you that I’ve been told I sound like ESPN’s Bill Simmons. I am not Bill and he is not violating his current three-week suspension. I swear, ESPN higher-ups.

And finally

The Crew is sending a big old hug to our friend Leah Black. Leah’s home was recently broken into, and while thankfully she and her roommate weren’t home at the time, they both lost a lot of irreplaceable possessions to some of the worst scum in our city. Leah has been a part of the brewing scene since Hallenbrick was still around and has been doing a great job as Marble’s media rep. If you see Leah around Marble this weekend at the Mountain Rescue Brew Fest (we’ll have a preview soon), please be extra nice, tell her how awesome she is, and don’t mind if she photo bombs you (she’s good at that). We hate when bad things happen to good people. Raise a pint in her honor and let’s hope APD catches the thieves and tosses them into the deep, dark hole where they belong.

* * * * *

If you know of any beer/brewery-related news out there, drop us a line at, or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.


— Stoutmeister


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