ABQ Beer Week 2016: That’s all, folks!

We are off and running with 14 events on the opening day!
Turn off the lights, the party’s over …

And so it ends.

After 11 days, ABQ Beer Week 2016 comes to a close. The theme of the final day is kick back and relax, enjoy a final few tastings and pairings, and generally reflect on all the awesome that just transpired.

A big thanks to the breweries, beer bars, and everyone else who helped get us this information every day. It wasn’t easy (especially since I’ve been out of state since Memorial Day), but it was a lot of fun to provide this every day.

And most of all, thank you to the wonderful, tireless work of Marne Gaston. Without her, we would have no Beer Week. Raise your pints in her honor today!

Featured event

Every day we will pick what we consider the biggest, most interesting, most unique event. This does not mean you should go to only this event and ignore the rest. All of them deserve your attention, but realistically, you can probably only attend a few. So we will make our daily pick, and you can either jump on it, or declare the Crew is foolish (we kinda are) and pick your own.

What: 8th Annual New Mexico Brewers Guild Golf Tournament. Where: Santa Ana Golf Course. When: 7 a.m. Cost: $110 per player.

Details: Hit up the Santa Ana GC with some of the best beer lovers/golfers around. The price gets you free range balls, a golf cart, a breakfast burrito, a full round of golf, beer on the course, lunch, and a chance to win swag (for first, second, third place) from the Guild. The shotgun start will be at 8 a.m.

Why you should go: Get out there and support the Guild! And yell “FORE!” a lot.

All the other great events

What: Goose Island Brunch. Where: Nob Hill Bar & Grill. When: 11 a.m. Cost: TBA. Details: Goose Island is teaming up with Sofie’s Mimosas and Waffles to bring you the ultimate end-of-ABW brunch. Why you should go: Kick that hangover in style.

What: ABQ Bike & Brew Tour. Where: Routes Bicycle Tours, 404 San Felipe NW. When: 1 p.m. Cost: $60, or $65 if you need to rent a bike. Details: Take a guided tour of three TBD local breweries via bicycle. Intermediate riders are welcome. It’s a 10-12 mile round trip. Why you should go: Stay in shape, still drink beer.

What: Joe S. Sausage Super Sunday Sausage Fest Sampler Sausage and Beer Bliss Extravaganza. Where: Marble Downtown. When: 2 p.m. Cost: $25. Details: Get your tickets ASAP for this annual bit of fun as Joe brings his best sausages to pair up with your favorite Marble Beers. Alex Maryol will provide the music from 3 to 6 p.m. Why you should go: Chow down, listen to local music, drink great beer. It’s what Sunday Funday is all about.

What: Special Firkin Tapping. Where: Santa Fe ABQ Taproom. When: 2 p.m. Cost: No entry fee. Details: A Blood Orange Hefeweizen will be tapped in the cask. Why you should go: If that’s your kind of beer, go for it!

What: Porter Party & Chocolate Pairings. Where: Rio Bravo. When: 2:30 p.m. Cost: $7 for porter flight, $4 for chocolate assortment. Details: They will have four porters — regular, barrel-aged, vanilla, and pinon. Pair it up with chocolates, then kick back for some live music between 3 and 7 p.m. Why you should go: This just sounds like a treat, so go treat yourselves.

What: Pizza Cooked by the Brewer. Where: Albuquerque Brewing. When: 5 p.m. Cost: No entry fee. Details: Carnie will be making pizzas paired up with specific beers. Why you should go: Finish Beer Week with some pizza and beer, as the beer gods intended.

* * * * *

Got any questions, comments, complaints, send them to nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com, or leave them here on our site, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@nmdarksidebc).

Enjoy yourselves out there, but please, do it responsibly.


— Stoutmeister

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