Beer Notes: Yet another taproom coming to downtown

Posted: March 21, 2016 by cjax33 in Beer Notes
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Say hello to the next craft beer destination downtown. (Photo courtesy of Abbey Brewing)

Say hello to the next craft beer destination downtown. (Photo courtesy of Abbey Brewing)

Consider this the short version of Beer Notes, since yours truly is battling a cold. The worst thing about a cold is clearly the inability to drink beer. Stupid medicinal conflicts are the main reason, but also of course there is the inability to properly taste what one is drinking. Hopefully I will be able to dig deeper into some of these stories once I am not contagious.

Here a taproom, there a taproom, everywhere a taproom

For a few years now, we have heard about the possibility of Abbey Brewing opening a taproom somewhere in the Albuquerque area. Those plans had seemingly fizzled out until a surprise announcement was tucked into this story from the Albuquerque Journal.

Intrepid business reporter Jessica Dyer got the scoop that The Monks’ Corner will be opening downtown at the corner of Silver and 2nd Street. They will be one of the business tenants inside the multi-use Imperial Building, which will also include downtown’s first grocery store, the Silver Street Market. There will also be a Crackin’ Crab Seafood Boil restaurant and Sophia’s Place, a New Mexican restaurant which may go by a different name with a different menu than its progenitor restaurant.

The Monks’ Corner will occupy 1,800-square feet on the ground floor of the four-story building. The sign posted showed it will open this fall.

So, to sum up downtown over the last six-plus months, we have seen Boese Brothers, Sidetrack, and the Duel taproom all open up, the Chama Microbar close, and Red Door’s taproom is still under construction inside the Simms Building. It looks like downtown really might become a true craft beer destination after all.

Not every taproom succeeds

This week we received an unexpected direct message on Facebook. A while back, a reader tipped us off that he thought a brewery or taproom was taking up space at a building on San Pedro between Marble Ave. and Lomas. Well, it turns out it was supposed to be a taproom, but the deal between the building owners and an unnamed brewery fell apart.

The Fair Heights Neighborhood Association has a 1,400-square foot location with an outdoor patio that is ready for a tenant. We did not have any sure-fire suggestions for them, but if any brewery folks are out there reading this and have been thinking about a spot, they apparently have a ready-for-occupancy space.

New breweries update

Only a couple updates this time around. First up, yes, we have seen the sign near the Paseo del Norte frontage road advertising Lone Sun Brewing. After doing some investigating, all we could find was that an LLC was established with the name in 2014. Right now, we would characterize this as a long-ways-off type of project. If they ever apply for a small brewers license, we will let everyone know. If anyone in the project involved wants to contact us, please do.

Meanwhile, over in craft-beer-starved Grants, there is a brewery in the works. Route 66 Junkyard Brewery will be the first craft brewery in the small town to our west along I-40. Considering they just put up a Facebook page about two months ago, we have to imagine they are very early in the process. Seek them out online and keep track of their progress if you are interested.

Sampler tray

  • Santa Sidra, one of the state’s premier cideries, is looking for a new owner. Anyone interested can contact Mike Zircher at
  • Blue Corn is celebrating brewer James Warren’s second anniversary with a special beer dinner Thursday night. We will have more in The Week Ahead in Beer, but go over and check out their Facebook page for more details.
  • Turtle Mountain will be selling their 17th anniversary beer, Amethyst Brett Stout, for $6 in 13-ounce tulip glasses.

That’s all for now. If anyone out there has any beer news you would like to share, email us at


— Stoutmeister

  1. Desert Chaos says:

    While browsing web news today I saw this article at SF Reporter:

    Chili Line Brewery
    204 N Guadalupe St., at Pizzeria da Lino, 500-7903, 982-8474

    The newest kid on the beer block announced in early February that it finally procured its local and federal brewing licenses. This small-batch producer tucked inside legendary local restaurateur Lino Pertusini’s pizzeria/trattoria space offers up some cleverly named brews on tap, including El Jefeweizen, Dañada Dunkel, Socorro Stout and Pinche Guey IPA. And it’s a family affair: Lino’s son Alexander is in charge of the brewing operation and also manages the pizzeria.

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