Get your Skiesta and SW Chocolate and Coffee Fest beer lists here

If there was ever a beer perfectly made for a chocolate festival, it's this one.
If there was ever a beer perfectly made for a chocolate festival, it’s this one.

We are a long way from regular festival season, but there are two events this weekend featuring some of our local breweries. Up at Pajarito Mountain above Los Alamos is Skiesta, which Reid previewed earlier this week. Over at the State Fairgrounds is the Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest, a two-day event this Saturday and Sunday.

Skiesta will feature Bathtub Row (naturally), Blue Heron, Santa Fe, Second Street, and Taos Mesa. The SCCF will feature Bosque, Boxing Bear, Santa Fe, and Tractor. So far we have beer lists for four of the five Skiesta breweries and three of the SCCF breweries. As others appear, we will update this post. (UPDATE: We have the full Boxing Bear list below; it is downright ridiculous, in a good way.)

Why attend either festival? Well, with Arizona out (damn it) and Arkansas-Little Rock and Yale already blowing up brackets, it’s not like there is much reason anymore to stay home and watch the NCAA Tournament. Right? Right.

Here are the lists, starting with Skiesta.

Bathtub Row: Irish Red, Dry Stout, Sapphire Pilsner

Blue Heron: IPA, Golden Ale, Stout

Santa Fe: TBA

Second Street: Agua Fria Apricot, ESB, 4 Hour Lunch, Kolsch (gluten removed), Cream Stout, Ringwood Red

Taos Mesa: Mosaic IPA, Sappho Amber, Kolsch 45, Great Scot Scottish Ale

And the SCCF breweries.

Bosque: Momma Always Said (on CO2 and nitro), Bosque Lager, Elephants on Parade, Riverwalker IPA, Marzen, Scotia Scotch Ale, Driftwood Oatmeal Stout

Boxing Bear: Chocolate Milk Stout (fresh batch!), Coffee Chocolate Milk Stout, Baltic Bear, Red Glove, Simcoe SMASH, Uppercut IPA, Ambear, Cider, Sucker Punch DIPA

Santa Fe: TBA (but we gotta imagine Java Stout will be going, right?)

Tractor: Cowboy Coffee Stout, Brass Monkey, Berry Cider

Shake off those post-St. Patrick’s Day hangovers and prepare to head out this weekend, either to the Fairgrounds or up the mountain. Some of us in the Crew will likely be at one or the other. Stop by and say hello if you see us around.


— Stoutmeister

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