Dark Side Brew Crew presents the Winter is Here Beer Dinner at Blue Corn Brewery

Winter is Here
If this isn’t the type of beer dinner that you would think we would be happy to present, you must be new around here.

It’s almost time for Blue Corn Brewery’s winter beer dinner! If you haven’t snagged your tickets yet, I’d get on that right away, as these things have a nasty habit of selling out like iheartradio concerts. On December 13, Blue Corn Brewery is bringing us a special pairing of wintry beers and the foods that love them, in a special event sure to live up to, well, every Blue Corn beer pairing dinner that’s preceded it.

I recently got a hold of Blue Corn head brewer Paul Mallory for a few words on his upcoming event.

DSBC: How did you and Chef Josh come up with the food and beer pairings?

Mallory: Chef Josh, (Manager) Michelle and I sat down and discussed ideas. I told Chef Josh what beers we had coming up and which beers I could brew to go with his menu. We often like to serve our seasonal beers for the dinners, so our guests can have something different each time they come for an event. We are pouring four beers that haven’t been brewed before, and many of them are malty and appropriate for the season and weather.

Glasgow Garnet Scotch Ale isn’t quite the Old Firm Derby on your palate, but it’s close.

DSBC: Can you elaborate on the beer lineup?

Mallory: We are pouring a cask of a Hazy IPA, low in bitterness, but big on aroma and flavor, dry hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic. For our appetizer, we are serving the Scotch Ale (Glasgow Garnet). I think this is one of the best beers we made all year. We thought it’d be interesting to pair this big malty beer with an appetizer. For our main course, we are pouring “Black by Popular Demand,” a robust porter brewed with rye. We brewed this beer with water that was aged in a used whisky barrels to add some complexity. For dessert, we are pouring the Whiteout Stout, a pale-colored beer with locally roasted coffee (from 35 North), locally roasted cocoa nibs (from Cacao), lactose, and vanilla beans. This is a natural dessert beer.

DSBC: Which pairing are you most excited about?

Mallory: I think I’m most excited about the Whiteout Stout. It is a very unique beer and I’d like to see how people like the pairing. Of course, I’m also excited about the cask because I have no idea how it’ll taste!

DSBC: We’re ready for this one!

Dark Side Brew Crew presents! Our job as local beer scribes is to help you, our dear beer readers, to seek out the best beer in New Mexico, and the best beer events. Why else follow us? And, I (Luke), highly vouch for Blue Corn Brewery’s beer dinners (if you haven’t read any of my beer dinner reviews before).

I also highly vouch for the quality of the food experience you get at each of these beer pairings. They’re exactly what beer geeks deserve from a top quality brewer and a top quality chef. These beer dinners are special. I might know because there’s a good chance I’ve been to more Blue Corn Brewery beer dinners than any brewer (or chef) at Blue Corn. That’s a weird thing to think about. But, it’s true, and I’ve always had a great time. During these dinners, I’ve made tons of new friends, shared beers with a “who’s who” of the local beer (and spirits) industry, and even met the guy I bought my home from. The only times I couldn’t make it, were when I couldn’t, for whatever reason, afford it, or I was out of town.

Who: Blue Corn Brewery (and NM Dark Side Brew Crew)

What: Winter Beer Pairing dinner at the brewery

Where: Blue Corn Brewery, 4056 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe

When: Thursday, December 13 from 6:30– 9:30 p.m. (Next week, y’all!)

Why you should go: Excellent beers paired with inspired dishes. Seasoned brewer Paul Mallory has a knack for nailing styles, while being diverse enough to keep things interesting every time BCB’s seasonals rotate. New addition, Chef Josh, brings a ton of fine dining experience from downtown restaurant Rio Chama to the south side brewpub. I would argue that these beer pairing dinners are his real time to shine beyond the regular-pleasing everyday menu. But, that’s just my opinion.

Cheers from a past Blue Corn beer pairing.

These beer pairing dinners are most certainly worth your precious time and hard-earned money. Even if you only make it to one this year, you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t been let down yet. Even if there wasn’t the beer or the food to enjoy, the atmosphere of happy beer lovers talking about beer and enjoying a night together in a special cordoned-off section of the brewery is one of the best feelings we still get from the craft beer industry these days, and one not to pass up. One thing I’ve learned, no matter what the menu is, you always end up leaving happily stuffed.

The delicious Duck dish from the last Blue Corn beer dinner.


Cheese and Cured Meats paired with New England Style I.P.A.

Bay Scallop Tartlet paired with Glasgow Garnet Scotch Ale

(Including caramelized onions, parsnips, fried leeks, cream, tarragon pesto

Smoked Brisket paired with Black Rye Ale

(Including slow braised, caramelized sweet potato-bourbon gratin, green beans, creamy wild mushroom broth, red wine reduction)

Mexican Chocolate Pudding paired with Apparition Pale Coffee Ale

(Dark Mexican chocolate, winter spices, red chili, served with a churro and marshmallows)

Some old familiar faces from a Blue Corn beer dinner of Christmas past!

For reservations call the friendly folks of Blue Corn at (505) 438-1800.

To another Blue Corn beer dinner (and my recent discovery of Uber gift cards)!


— Luke

Taco Tuesday is sacred.

For more #CraftBeer info and @nmdarksidebc news follow me on Twitter @SantaFeCraftBro and for my real reviews check me out on Untappd at SantaFeLuke.

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