The Crew’s brewery merchandise guide for 2018

Get festive with merch gifts from your favorite breweries, including Marble.

As we did the last four years, the Crew has put together a brewery merchandise guide for all of you just in time for your last-minute holiday shopping. Hey, it might be nice to just buy people beer, but sometimes they need more in life, like cool shirts, hoodies, growlers, and other specialty items carrying the logos of their favorite breweries. To make all of your lives easier and save you time in terms of searching the web or driving all over the place, we compiled the local breweries’ merch lists into one place. Now you can find out what is where, what is online, what it all costs, and any other additional info you might need.

The breweries are listed in alphabetical order, starting with the ABQ metro area breweries, then the breweries from outside the metro listed below that (those from both regions that sent us info, at least). We will be updating this list throughout the holiday season, so if you do not see a brewery here, once their info arrives, we will share it. Thank you to all the brewers, owners, and other key brewery staffers who helped us put this together. Whether via email or in person, it was greatly appreciated!

Boxing Bear

Look at all that lovely merch! We’re working on getting prices for you all.

We got this really awesome photo of the merch cabinet, and then went to get prices from the website, only they are no longer listed there. Darn it. We will try to get you pricing ASAP. UPDATE: Thanks to head brewer/co-owner Justin Hamilton, we have the list. There are T-shirts ($21-25), baseball shirts ($25-27), long-sleeve shirts ($25), brewers shirts ($40-43), women’s shirts ($23-25), hoodies ($45-48), hats ($14-20), and beanies ($20). That should keep you well outfitted in the ring, so to speak.


How good is the merch at Canteen? It’s so good they got head brewer Zach Guilmette to model the hoodie!

The Canteen staff gave us a couple of options on photos, but we had to share that one above. In addition to hoodies ($40), they also have those fire-engine-red insulated DrinkTank growlers ($70 for a 64-ounce with fill, $120 for a 128-ounce with fill), glassware ($6), koozies ($5), and more.

High and Dry

High and Dry will keep you, and its employees, nice and warm this winter.

There is some cold-weather gear now available, including sweatshirts ($38) and beanies ($25). In addition, new T-shirts ($18), hats ($25), patches ($6), and growler glasses ($4-8) are available.

Kilt Check

Stop in for a holiday special, with one full growler and three refills for $40.

La Cumbre

No shock here, but there is a slew of merch available at LC. They have hoodies ($35-40), all sorts of T-shirts ($20-28), and work shirts ($35), plus beanies ($18) and hats ($22). You can also get a 64-ounce Hydro Flask ($50) and a variety of glassware ($4-6).


We do love that Marble has such a nice, informative merch board.

Sure, you can just buy all those 6-packs/4-packs/bombers, but there is far more at all three locations. Stay warm with jackets ($40) and hoodies ($40). T-shirts and tank tops ($25), hats ($25), sunglasses ($20), bandanas ($10), golf polos ($80), and One Albuquerque shirts ($20) are also available. Throw in some 20-ounce steins ($24), stainless pints ($12), insulated growlers ($35 and $50), bottle openers ($10), and even dog collars ($14) and beer soap ($9) and you can seemingly decorate most of a home with Marble gear. They also have new scarves and beanies, plus the special beer can logo glasses are back.


The online store is open, with plenty of items. Regular and v-neck T-shirts are just $10 apiece. There are also trucker hats ($20), logo glasses ($4), and unfilled glass growlers ($7). You can also purchase gift cards and load them with however much money you choose. Mug club memberships are $30, and grant patrons discounts on pints and growler fills, 10 percent off merchandise, a half-growler fill upon purchase, and there will be special members-only releases and events.

Quarter Celtic

QC is feeling mighty generous this holiday season, with a special involving a 3-pack of Quarter cans, a logo glass, and T-shirt for $45. There are three tiers of mug club memberships for $20 (you get a key chain and special pricing), $30 (plus two cans), and $50 (plus three cans and a T-shirt). There are also $25 gift certificates, plus you get a $5 gift card to keep as a reward.

Red Door

The brewery is holding a month-long sale on memberships for 2019. For just $15, you get $1 off pints and growler fills, and 10-percent off merchandise, for an entire year. You also get a commemorative pint glass and a growler. There are also some new black zip-up hoodies for sale at both locations (we did not get a price for those).


It was so nice of the Sidetrack staff to assemble all the merch for this photo.

Head downtown for a bevy of new merch. Stay warm with a hoodie ($30), or just outfit yourself with a men’s navy T-shirt ($18), a women’s black T-shirt ($18), or a baseball T-shirt ($20). Glass growlers ($6) and stainless steel growlers ($27.50) are available to take some Dark Engine Stout home. You can also get pint and tulip glasses ($6). Pub Club memberships are $30, getting you $1 off pints, $2 off growler fills, 10-percent off merchandise, and a free pint on your birthday!

Steel Bender

That’s a mighty nice holiday gift pack.

It comes as no shock to us that SBB is loaded up for the holidays. The current holiday special is a gift set with two 16.75-ounce cervoise glasses, plus two 500mL bottles of your choice. It costs $38, with 10 percent off for mug club members. Speaking of the mug club, there are two levels. Traditional costs $35 and includes a 64-ounce growler or T-shirt, with $1 off pints and 10 percent off growler and keg fills. Primo costs $65 and includes an insulated growler, 10 percent off apparel, and $1 off all bottled beers. Other merchandise includes flannels ($42-44), women’s long-sleeve slouchy ($35), wool caddy hats ($35), long-sleeve thermals ($30), scarves ($22), and DrinkTank growlers ($75).


We gotta admit, the ceramic growlers and steins are a nice touch.

The Westside brewery has a special running through Christmas Eve. Buy one item and get another of equal or lesser value for 50-percent off, excluding ceramic growlers or steins. You can buy a growler ($80) or stein ($30) separately, or get them together for $100 and get a free T-shirt. They also have shirts ($15-25), baseball-style thermals ($25), workshirts ($45), hoodies ($40), hats ($12-25), and beanies ($25-35).


As in the past, Tractor has one of the most extensive collections of online merch. Newer items include gray henleys ($28-31) and Troubled Minds long-sleeve gin shirts ($25-28). Regular T-shirts range from $12 to $23. Button-down workshirts are $40. There are also hats ($10.25), gift cards ($25), and Tractor Farmers Co-op memberships ($35).

Breweries outside the ABQ metro area

Bathtub Row Brewing (Los Alamos)

There’s a lot of merch in Los Alamos this year.

The ‘Tub is full of merch to get one through the long winter in the mountains. There are hoodies ($40), long-sleeve shirts ($24), plus regular T-shirts ($24) and hats ($25). The Holiday Growler ($50) is another treat.

Blue Corn (Santa Fe)

Another nicely arranged set of merch for a photo. Thanks, Blue Corn!

From clothing to beer receptacles, you should be covered. There are hoodies ($45), polo shirts ($30), and T-shirts ($18) to wear. Snag a 64-ounce growler ($6 empty, $18 full) or a 32-ounce half-growler ($3/$11). There are two membership levels as well. For $10, you get a free 64-ounce empty growler, plus $1 off pints and growler fills, and 15 percent off kegs and special events/beer dinners. The imperial membership ($25) includes a full growler, the same discounts on pints/growlers/kegs, 25 percent off special events and beer dinners, and 15 percent off food. The memberships are valid at both Blue Corn locations, The Draft Station in Santa Fe, and Kellys Brew Pub in Albuquerque.

HoneyMoon (Santa Fe)

The new brewery has some sweet merch already.

The new brewery/kombuchery on the block already has some merch in stock. Miir Growlers ($50) are available with a fill included for beer, or a hard kombucha fill available when those are ready in January (you get a gift card for now). There are also T-shirts ($25), tank tops ($30), and workshirts ($50).

Santa Fe Brewing

No surprise here, they have a whole lot of merch available online. Items include men’s and women’s T-shirts ($20-$22), baseball T-shirts ($30-$32), work shirts ($39-$41), lightweight hoodies ($40-$42), but those hugely popular Zia hoodies ($39) you see almost everywhere are currently out of stock. Other cool items include Zia symbol doo rags ($10), Happy Camper infant onesies ($15), tap handles ($50), all sorts of hats ($20-$25), and ski caps ($20-$25).

Sierra Blanca (Moriarty)

They have one of the better online merch sites if you do not feel like driving out to Moriarty. Of course, then you wouldn’t be able to hang in the beer garden and enjoy a pint. The extensive catalogue includes men’s and women’s T-shirts ($14.95-$19.95), long-sleeve shirts ($24.95), Alien striped workshirts ($45), multiple styles of hoodies ($45.95), tap handles ($49.95), hats ($9.95), and beanies ($18.95).

* * * * *

Got any additional merchandise info? Send it to us via direct message on Facebook, tweet at us @nmdarksidebc, or email us at

Happy holiday shopping, beer lovers!

— Stoutmeister

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