Merch Guide 2020: Another way to keep supporting our local breweries

There is plenty of great brewery merchandise for gift giving, or just to keep for yourselves, this winter.

As we did in four of the last five years, the Crew has put together a brewery merchandise guide for all of you just in time for your holiday shopping. Hey, it might be nice to just buy people beer, but sometimes they need more in life, like cool shirts, hoodies, growlers, and other specialty items carrying the logos of their favorite breweries. To make all of your lives easier, and save you time in terms of searching the web or driving all over the place, we compiled the local breweries’ merch lists into one place. Now you can find out what is where, what is online, what it all costs, and any other additional info you might need.

The breweries are listed in alphabetical order, starting with the ABQ metro area breweries, then the breweries from outside the metro listed below that (those from both regions that sent us info, at least). We will be updating this list throughout the holiday season, so if you do not see a brewery here, once their info arrives, we will share it. Thank you to all the brewers, owners, and other key brewery staffers who helped us put this together. Whether via email or in person, it was greatly appreciated!

All photos are courtesy of the breweries, so we thank them for providing those.

Bombs Away Beer Co.

Yeah, they’re pretty well stocked.

There’s a whole slew of items available to pick up — long- and short-sleeve shirts ($25), tank tops ($20), hoodies ($35), military waffle shirts ($40), embroidered fleece beanies ($14), embroidered velcro hats with patch ($20), Stanley insulated 64-ounce growlers ($60 with fill), Stanley insulated 16-ounce pints with lid and bottle opener ($23), Stanley insulated coffee travel mugs ($25), Stanley insulated 24-ounce tumblers ($30), glass 64-ounce growlers ($6), 20-ounce logo IPA glasses ($10), emergency drinking water logo 16-ounce pint glasses ($5). There should also be 2020 third anniversary pint glasses available early next month.

Bosque Brewing

Mask up and grab a new hat.

Stay warm with new hoodies ($40), plus hats ($25), pins ($10), club cards ($35), and gift cards (any amount). Some items are available online. Currently on sale are the long-sleeve solid flannel ($26), women’s lounge fleece crewneck ($29), unisex heathered terry zip-up ($30), and unisex rain jacket ($35).

Bow and Arrow Brewing

The online store has a good selection of items. Classic trucker hats ($26), denim hats ($30), T-shirts ($30-$33), and pullover hoodies ($65) are all available. You can also get a logo mask ($14) and gift cards ($25 and up).

Boxing Bear Brewing

UPDATED>>>There are some cool offers that just popped on social media for Black Friday. All merchandise is 20-percent off at all three taprooms. There will also be select merchandise for 50-percent off at the main brewery location.

Brew Lab 101

Just in time for winter, you can choose between hoodies ($40), both pullover and zip, plus winter beanies ($18) in various colors, with or without pom poms, and blankets ($25). Other clothing and accessories include baseball caps ($25), T-shirts ($25), work shirts ($45), and masks ($10). Other gear includes logo pint glasses and goblets ($10), logo beaker glasses ($5), and stainless steel growlers ($60). Club members get 15 percent off all of those items.

Ex Novo Brewing

We are just like the rest of you, dying to know what the variants are going to be this year.

Sure, there are plenty of cool clothing items you can pick up at the taproom, but the folks at Ex Novo really wanted us to highlight the 2020 version of the Kill the Sun Gift Box. It will feature one can of KTS ’20 Classic, plus three variant cans (they will identify these at a later date). There will also be a custom KTS pin, a custom goblet emblazoned with KTS branding and a gold halo rim. The total cost will be $65. Limited online preorders with a KTS challenge coin, which can be redeemed for $1 off a pint or a free 4-ounce taster. If you still need some gear to wear while drinking those amazing barrel-aged imperial stouts, head on over to the online store. Bonus points if you can spot the Crew member who modeled one of the items (and no, it wasn’t me).

High and Dry Brewing

Mask up in style.

The brewery is pretty well stocked with merchandise this year. Choose among a gold crewneck ($40), charcoal hoodie ($40), women’s tank top ($20), baseball shirt ($25), mask ($12), T-shirt ($20), beanie ($30), hat ($25), pint glass ($6), 64-ounce glass growler ($8), 32-ounce glass growler ($4), porcelain sign ($25), and patch ($6).

La Cumbre Brewing

Stay warm with your Malpais this year.

New to the store are the scarf ($25) and beanie ($20) pictured. There are also gift cards for sale at both taprooms.

La Reforma Brewery

When it is safer to let someone pick what they want, get ’em a gift card.

Stop on by to check out what is available, or you can start off with a few of the items online. T-shirts ($22), caps ($22), and tank tops ($20) are currently on sale. You can also get a brewery club membership ($20).

Marble Brewery

We can’t guarantee you’ll smile as much as Geraldine does in the snow, but with some new Marble gear, you should stay warm.

There is a whole lot to choose among either in person at any of the three taprooms, or by going to the Marble online store. Seasonal-appropriate items include black zip-up hoodies ($45), gray pullovers ($45), and beanies ($25). There are also new masks ($10) and bandanas ($12). You can also find a number of shirts on sale for $18 instead of $25.

Red Door Brewing

There’s a whole lot of shirts to choose from while we dream of short-sleeve weather coming back.

You can visit any location for merch, or just go to the new online store. There is a sizable selection of different T-shirts ($25), plus a pretty sharp baseball cap ($25).

ReSource Brewing

Get some cool stickers and logo glasses, plus you can always order the beer to fill those glasses.

After just being open a month, there is no clothing yet, but there are some other items you can order. Logo pint glasses are available in 16-ounce ($6), 12-ounce ($5), and 5-ounce ($4) sizes. You can also snag special stickers for $1 each. There are also Dog Lollipup treats for $2.

Steel Bender Brewyard

Masks are the fashionable items this year.

There are plenty of items to choose among at the brewery. Winter apparel includes men’s and women’s flannel shirts ($46), two styles of beanies ($22), soccer scarves ($22), track jacket zip hoodies ($55), and a new navy pullover hoodie ($40). There are also new branded face masks ($13). Year-round items include a selection of hats ($18-$22), T-shirts ($20-$22), and Dickie’s brewer shirts ($50). There are also gift cards, of course. Look for special gift packs featuring two different bottles and cervoise glasses closer to Christmas.

Thirsty Eye Brewing

Take your pick of multiple items.

Like many other breweries, young and old, Thirsty Eye is offering a year-round membership ($45), which will include discounts on merchandise items, $1 off pints, and a free birthday beer. Among those merch items are hats ($25), T-shirts ($25), and stickers ($2/$3), There are gift cards available, too.


They made all that Agave Reposado, the least we can all do is drink it (or gift it to someone who will).

The online store is packed with a huge variety of items besides just the beer and cider you can usually order. 2021 Co-op Memberships ($35) are already available. Cosmo Holiday Cocktail Kits ($62) will be available Friday. You can still pick up Pumpkin Spice Cocktail Kits ($62), Spirit & Glass Duos ($36-$56), and the new Agave Raposodo bottles ($42). The classic white-on-black “Get Plowed” T-shirts ($15-$18) are back in stock as well. UPDATE: Use the code BLACKFRIDAY to get 20-percent off all online orders Friday, including many of the items listed above.

Turtle Mountain

Funniest shirt of the year award goes to …

Well, look at that, TMBC has an online store up and ready. The cool 2020 Oktoberfest T-shirt ($20) is still available. You can also warm up with a hoodie ($45), or there is a wide variety of T-shirts ranging from $18 to $25.

Chili Line

There quite a few glass items for sale — pint glasses ($7), Kraft Master Grand glasses ($10), Libby balloon glasses ($20), 32-ounce growlers ($6), and 64-ounce growlers ($8). In terms of clothing, you can choose between T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts ($20), and hoodies ($48).

Santa Fe Brewing

Head to the online store or visit any location to check out their current selection.

Second Street Brewery

You can create your own disguise using just Second Street gear.

The newest items are Sloppy Sloth T-shirts ($20). Locally made fleece logo beanies are on sale for $15. Other items to check out include trucker hats ($12), logo baseball caps ($25), sunglasses ($4), neck gaiters ($12), and tin tackers ($20).

Bathtub Row Brewing

Stay warm when you go to pick your beers in Los Alamos.

It gets a little chillier up in Los Alamos, so there is plenty of winter gear. The newest item is a forest green logo hoodie ($45). There are also blankets ($30) in black and gray. You can choose among a number of different logo T-shirts, both long and short sleeve, including with the Bathtub Row logo ($28), Holiday Bock logo ($30), Hoppenheimer IPA logo ($25), Meet Me at the Tub logo ($25), Sciencefest logo ($25), and a women’s V-neck ($25). Glassware ($5 each) and gift cards are also available. Look for new hats ($25) and beanies ($20) in December.

Red River Brewing

There is plenty to take home besides delicious beer and food.

It gets even colder in Red River, so bundle up with pullover hoodies ($36), zipper hoodies ($5), and beanies ($20 and up). You can also pick up some hats ($24), metal signs ($30), wooden signs ($50 and up), glassware ($5), steel growlers ($50), and ceramic growlers ($80).

Sierra Blanca Brewery

Check out the online store for plenty of apparel and accessories. There are hoodies ($45.95) and beanies ($20-$25) available for cold weather.

Truth or Consequences Brewing

Those are some slick new styles available.

The online store has a few merchandise items in addition to all the beer for sale. Special hoodies ($50) and T-shirts ($25) are currently available.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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