As we did for Santa Fe a couple weeks ago, we do now for the ABQ metro area. The Crew, and for once this is a multi-person endeavor, has set forth and compiled a list of breweries’ merchandise to give you a handy guide for your holiday shopping. Hey, you can’t always just buy people beer. I mean, you could, but sometimes you want a gift that lasts longer than it takes to down a growler of Turkey Drool. So to help out everyone, rather than force you to go to multiple breweries or skip from website to website to Facebook page to Twitter feed, we have put everyone’s beer merch lists together in this one place.

You’re welcome. We’re always up for pints as thank yous if you see any of us out and about.

Without further adieu, here’s what we all compiled. For the record, it went like this so you know who to ask for if something below is inaccurate or missing in action: Adam (Bosque and Lizard Tail), AmyO (Blue Grasshopper, Cazuela’s, Turtle Mountain), Brandon (Ponderosa), Franz Solo (Boxing Bear, Broken Bottle, Stumbling Steer), and Stoutmeister (Canteen, Chama River, La Cumbre, Marble, Nexus, Red Door, Tractor). Back Alley Draft House and Sandia Chile Grill do not have any merch, though both hope to get some in 2015.

The breweries are listed in alphabetical order.

Blue Grasshopper

Rio Rancho’s newest brewpub is still awaiting their first batches of beer. Right now they have one T-shirt, white with the logo on it, and some growlers, though those are plain and do not yet have the logo. They hope to have more merchandise, and beer, in the near future. You can only buy the shirts at the pub.

All the Bosque merch you can view in a single photo. (Courtesy of Bosque's Facebook page)

All the Bosque merch you can view in a single photo. (Courtesy of Bosque’s Facebook page)


Bosque has a range of T-shirts branded with their regular beers available for $20, military and trucker hats also for $20, women’s fit work shirts for $35, growlers, stickers and patches all for $5, and a range of gift cards. We were told they have just added beanies, pullover hoodies, and thermal shirts, prices TBA. All of this is available for purchase on their website or at the taproom, though the newest items are not yet online. We’re definitely fans of the X-Men-like Scotia Scotch Ale logo and the new hoodies.

All the glassware you need this holiday season.

All the glassware you need this holiday season.

Boxing Bear

The west side’s newest brewery has plenty of gear hanging above the bar. They have black, white, and gray T-shirts for $18 ($20 for 2XL, $21 for 3XL), black hats for $14 or $30, and black hoodies for $35 ($40 for 2XL). There are growlers ($5), half-growlers ($3.50), and pint glasses ($5) for sale as well. The ultra-popular stainless steel mini-keg growlers ($40) are available for purchase. They don’t have a way to buy the merch off their website (yet), but you can take a look at it all here. And in the spirit of the holiday season, Boxing Bear is having a coat and blanket drive. The coats will be donated to Joy Junction while the blankets are for animals and will be donated to Animal Humane. Drop them off today (Friday) and grab a pint of the Chocolate Milk Stout with vanilla bean and cocoa nibs on cask. Dear lord that sounds ridiculously decadent.

Feel rustic with these ceramic mugs from Broken Bottle.

Feel rustic with these ceramic mugs from Broken Bottle.

Broken Bottle

The folks at BBB have quite the array of merchandise. In addition to T-shirts ($15) in various colors — plus long-sleeve shirts for $20 — they have hats ($20), logo pint glasses ($4), and of course growlers. If you need help carrying your half-growlers, you can get a Boston carrier for $10. It holds two half-growlers and is perfect for getting your beer home from the brewery when you don’t have a passenger in your car to hold on to them. BBB also has swanky ceramic mugs for when you’re feeling rather medieval when drinking at home. Blast some Amon Amarth and toast to the Norse gods.

Canteen's new growler is one of the best of its genre.

Canteen’s new growler is one of the best of its genre.


They’re still bringing in new gear to replace the old Il Vicino stuff. They have special fleece sweatshirts ($45) for the winter months with sizes from XS to XL. T-shirts are available in both black (unisex) and gray (both men’s and women’s) for $25 in sizes from XS to XXL. Canteen has two styles of hats for $20 in both pre-washed denim and “trucker” style. There are three varieties of growlers available. The standard glass 64-ounce growler is $8.50, with $5.50 beer refills. Pella flip-top growlers cost $16 with $9 refills. Then there’s the new “fire extinguisher” custom powder-coated, double-walled stainless steel, vacuum insulated growlers. Those cost $66 and come with an optional Co2-driven keg attachment for $25.

For more on these special growlers, Bullpen member Reid (who purchased one) sent us this mini-review: “I would say that it’s nearly a perfect growler. It’s insulated (should keep it cold many hours), light, blocks any sunlight, and is pretty easy to open and close. I also have a few other insulated growlers, but they have twist-off caps and can be a pain to open when the pressure inside builds up. This one has a pop-top and shouldn’t have that problem. My only quibble is that once the latches are lifted up, the cap is free to just lift off on its own. If the cap was more permanently affixed to one of the latches, it would be more convenient, plus you wouldn’t have to worry about lining the cap up with the latches in order to close it. But these are minor complaints. I’d say it’s head and shoulders above any other growler I’ve seen.”


They hope to have T-shirts in soon, but you’ll have to go to the restaurant to buy them. They do have growlers ($5 empty, $10 filled) with their logo on them. You can also purchase gift cards that can be used for beer and/or food.

Chama River

All right, the info has been tracked down. So Chama has a special holiday gift pack for $45. In it you get four logo glasses with either the Chama logo or Tap the Source or both. In the middle of those glasses is the Tap 3 growler, a metal, insulated growler of goodness. If your cabinets have too many beer glasses already, you can get just a Tap 3 for $28. This is the same special growler sold at Blue Corn in Santa Fe and both Draft Stations. Beyond that, Chama has T-shirts for $12.95, long-sleeve shirts for $28, trucker-style hats for $13 with the Tap the Source logo, and work shirts for $35 that will make you look like Zach and David (but probably not brew like them; it’s not magic).


Right now they only have growlers, unless we’re told otherwise. You can buy a filled growler for $12. We’d assume it’s just $8 or so for the unfilled growler, but really, who buys someone an empty growler? I guess maybe if you’re shipping it out of state or something, otherwise that’s just silly.

We need that Malpais Stout shirt in our lives.

We need that Malpais Stout shirt in our lives.

La Cumbre

All of La Cumbre’s merch is available at the brewery only. Oh, darn, you might have to grab a pint or two when you stop by to pick up a gift. Their T-shirts come in a variety of styles and range from $20 to $25. The Malpais Stout shirt was my personal favorite (natch). Long-sleeve shirts cost $28. La Cumbre has multiple logo glasses. The standard pint glasses cost $5, while the imperial stout glasses are $6, and those tall, lanky hefe glasses are $8. You can buy glass growlers for $10 and mini-growlers for $5. La Cumbre will have special holiday growlers due in next week just in time for the fourth anniversary party (Dec. 13). These stainless steel hydro-flask growlers are insulated to keep your beer cold and fresh for longer than a glass growler. They will cost $50. Oh, and after Gracias Por Fumar became available in bombers this week, next up will be a Belgian-style Tripel in bombers. Jeff is trying to kill us all with these big, beautifully monstrous beers.

A comprehensive look at Lizard Tail's merchandise. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)

A comprehensive look at Lizard Tail’s merchandise. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)

Lizard Tail

Lizard Tail Brewing have the usual range of brewery merchandise available for your holiday shopping needs. T-shirts ($20), hats ($30), growlers ($6 for the growler, +$10 to fill it) and pint glasses ($5), as well as gift cards. Additionally they have recently introduced their Mug Club. Good from purchase until the end of 2015 the membership is $25 for the year and includes $1.50 off pints at the brewery or if you catch them out at any special events. You also receive a pint glass and sticker for signing up. All of this is available at the brewery for purchase.

Marble's merch will put you in the holiday spirit.

Marble’s merch will put you in the holiday spirit.


In the spirit of the season, Marble has created special holiday gift packs. For $25 you get a bomber of Reserve Ale with Joliesse Chocolate bars. If that’s not enough, their new stainless steel holiday growlers check in at $40 and have a nifty little holiday-themed image on the outside. The new winter hoodies check in at $30 and ladies’ pullovers will be available at the downtown pub next week. Marble has one of the best online merch sites around for all of their year-round gear. Marble has both men’s and women’s T-shirts for $20. They have two varieties of hats for $20, plus Marble sunglasses for $10. Stainless steel 20-ounce tumblers ($10) and leather koozies ($12) will help keep your beer cold. You can also snag a Marble messenger bag for $25. Hey, what better way to carry everything else home? Oh, and don’t forget to mark your calendars, the Imperial Stout Release Party is Dec. 17.

You gotta admit, bravery is required to wear this in public.

You gotta admit, bravery is required to wear this in public.


Got the info for here at last. Nexus is taking this whole “ugly sweater” thing to a new level. After having an ugly sweater contest all November, the brewery has created its own ugly sweater. See that picture? Wow. That’s just plain epic. And a little 80’s retro, don’t you think? It almost needs a Pac-Man trying to eat a pint glass. Anyway, the hostess told me that it may be an eye-opener, but it’s also super warm on cold winter nights. If a fashionable young woman like her can buy one, anybody can, right? So it’s got that going for it and it retails for $20. Beyond the ugly sweater itself, there’s also an ugly sweater pint glass for $5 (patrons who went on the “ugly sweater brewery tour” last month got to take one home, now they’re available for everyone). All of Nexus’ gear is available at the brewery only; they do have plans to eventually start selling “swag” through the website, but it’s not ready online just yet. Other year-round merchandise includes hats ($14), V-neck T-shirts ($22), regular T-shirts in power blue, gray, and dark blue ($18), and brewery work shirts ($35). Full growlers cost $5, while the special blue half-growlers are $8.

The merch cabinet at Ponderosa is filling up. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)

The merch cabinet at Ponderosa is filling up. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)


One of the city’s newest breweries has some merchandise available, though only at the brewery. They have T-shirts in several colors for $20. There are Ponderosa logo pint glasses for $6. And, like most places, they have growlers with their logo on them. In addition to selling items, Ponderosa is also holding a Holiday Toy and Food Drive with Montezuma Elementary School. Bring in toys and/or non-perishable food items to Ponderosa from today through Dec. 16 and you will receive a free order of hand-cut french fries.

Red Door

The new guys on the east side of town were happy to share what’s available. Right now they don’t have any specific holiday-themed merchandise, but they hope to get their stainless steel holiday growlers in for sale in the near future (exact dates are TBA). Red Door does have a gray, zippered sweatshirt for $40 to help keep you warm while you drink cold beer on cold days. There are also men’s and women’s T-shirts for $15. A special red shirt for women only costs $15 as well. New hats are coming in on Tuesday that will retail for $20. Both 64- and 32-ounce growlers sell for $4. Red Door also has gift cards for sale. Expect more gear to arrive in the future. They’re a pretty young brewery to already have as much as they do.

Stumbling Steer

In addition to all the great food, the Steer has gear you can take home. T-shirts cost $18 ($22 for long sleeves). You can get a logo pint glass for $5, or have them fill with beer first and then take the glass home afterward for $7. It’s $5 for a Tullup glass and $8 for a beer fill plus the glass. The Steer has growlers as well. Unfortunately, you have to go to the restaurant to buy everything as there’s nothing online. Wait, did we just say unfortunately? There’s nothing unfortunate about going to the Steer and being tempted by all of their great food and beer.

Tractor's extensive gear selection is visible inside Wells Park.

Tractor’s extensive gear selection is visible inside Wells Park.


Tractor is one of the most internet-savvy breweries, so it’s no surprise they have a detailed online store. The winter collection features black zipper front hoodies for $35, special new orange hoodies for $35, ladies’ 3/4 sleeve Get Plowed retro shirts for $17, Sh*t Burquenos Drink long-sleeve shirts for $17, Brian Everett Design shirts for $20, ladies’ long sleeve Real Girls Drink Beer shirts for $17, navy long-sleeve logo shirts for $17, and two other T-shirts for $12. Just about every style of shirt is available for women and men. On the glassware front, you can get logo sample glasses, half-pint glasses, and full pint glasses for just $4 apiece. Full growlers are available at $4 and half-growlers are $5. You can also purchase $25 gift cards. They have reusable Tractor bags for $8 and two styles of hats for $10. And if you’re looking for a little literature, you can buy Carlos Contreras’ book Time Served for $12.95. He’s the gentleman behind the weekly Tractor newsletter and our main contact for all Tractor-related news.

Turtle Mountain

It’s business as usual at Rio Rancho’s favorite hangout. They have growlers and T-shirts (they were out of women’s shirts when AmyO went, but they said they’re getting new ones soon) that you can only buy in person. You can buy gift certificates online here.

* * * * *

And because Brandon is about to become a father for the first time, we asked him to check and see if any in-state breweries have baby/children’s clothing. What do you know, Santa Fe Brewing has “Half Pint” onesies for infants and T-shirts for infants and toddlers. They all cost $16 and are available online. Little Bannon will be dressed well once he arrives in January. Now we just need a brewery around town to make a little black hoodie for the kid so he fits in with all of his new “uncles” in the Crew. (We don’t think Mrs. Solo or AmyO have any hoodies, but we could be wrong on that.)

Got any additional merchandise info? Send it to us via direct message on Facebook, tweet at us @nmdarksidebc, or email us at

Happy holiday shopping, beer lovers!

— Stoutmeister


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