As we did last year, the Crew has gathered all the information we could on brewery memberships for 2015 to give you a one-stop shopping spot to compare and contrast which ones you might want to purchase.

That little orange card gets you big benefits at Tractor.

That little orange card gets you big benefits at both Tractor locations.

Different Crew members have various memberships. As the photo shows, I (Stoutmeister) renewed my Tractor membership already. Still gotta get to La Cumbre and maybe add one or two more. Franz Solo has a Boxing Bear membership now and plans to add others. These are a great way to experience even more fun at various breweries around town.

For any brewery not listed, it means that they did not respond to us and have nothing on their websites. If they choose to send us info, we’ll update this story and give you a heads up via social media. In some cases, they may not have memberships yet.

As for the Santa Fe-area breweries, membership info was included in Luke’s story on their merchandise.

So what is a brewery membership? Often also known as a mug club, you basically play a flat fee for one year, after which you get discounts on pints, growlers, special merchandise offers, and more. If you have one particular brewery you spend a lot of time at, it makes a lot of sense to sign up. If you wander constantly between breweries like we do, it might not, but it’s up to you and your annual budget for beer. And yes, in many cases you can purchase a membership for a friend or family member as a gift, so long as he or she is over 21, of course.

If there are any questions we do not answer here, please contact us via social media (or in person if you recognize any Crew members at breweries around town) or contact the breweries directly.

Without further adieu …

Bosque Brewing Co.
Cost: $30 New, $25 Renewal
Start date (if any): good for one year from date of sign-up
Discounts: $1 off pints or upgrade to 20-ounce glass (most pours), $1 off growler refills
Swag: pint glass (new only), $5 discount on hat or T-shirt
Loyalty: $5 food voucher for every $50 spent.

Boxing Bear “Champions Club”
Cost: $25
Start date: Time of purchase, good for 1 year
Discounts: $1 off pints and 22s, 10% off growler fills and kegs.
Swag: choice of tshirt/filled 64 oz glass grolwer/ filled 32 oz glass growler and logo pint glass.
Plus invites to special members only events and promotions.

Broken Bottle (this is last year’s info, contact the brewery to see if it’s changed)
Cost: $25
Start date (if any): unknown
Discounts: 20-ounce pour for $4, $1 off pints, $1 off growlers, $.50 off Boston growler refills
Swag: 10% off merchandise

Canteen Brewhouse
Cost: $35, purchased at brewery; if giving as a gift, you get a voucher and recipient must bring in proof of age to get club card
Start date (if any): Starting with 2015, we will be moving to a January 1 to December 31 membership calendar. Can be purchased anytime, and will pro-rated to the end of the year
Discounts: $.50 off every pint, $.75 off all 22-ounce glasses
Swag: New/Renewed membership gets a 64oz growler, filled
Special events: four-to-six members only gatherings throughout year including first tappings, preliminary tastings of beers for GABF and World Cup, burger & a beer night

Chama River
Cost: $10
Start date (if any): starts Jan. 1, effective for all of 2015, can be purchased now
Discounts: $1 off 16-ounce pours, $1.50 off 22-ounce pours
Swag: None
Notable: Your discount will also be honored at Blue Corn’s two locations in Santa Fe and both the ABQ and Santa Fe Draft Stations.

La Cumbre Brewing Co.
Cost: $25
Start date (if any): good for all of 2015. Start-up is as early as Wednesday.
Discounts: upgrade to 22-ounce mug (all standard priced beers), $1 off growler refills, 10% off kegs.
Swag: new mug club Belgian Snifter logo glass.

Lizard Tail
Cost: $25
Start date (if any): good for all of 2015
Discounts: $1.50 off pints at brewery or at any special events where Lizard Tail is present
Swag: logo pint glass and sticker

Cost: $25 or $35
Start date (if any): good for one year from time of purchase
Discounts: 22-ounce pint for price of 16-ounce pint; discount on regular pints, growler refills; 10-percent off kegs
Swag: special, limited edition 22-ounce beer with sign-up for $25, two of these for $35 sign-up; alternately offering 32-ounce growlers filled with a classic style of your choice
Notable: special discount days for members occur during the year with up to 30-percent off merchandise, excluding glassware; 2015 versions of Brew Crew Barley Wine and Triple will be released during anniversary party in April

Nexus “Nexus Neighbor”
Cost: $35, $50 for couples
Start date (if any): good for one year from time of purchase
Discounts: 20-ounce beer for cost of regular pint, $1 off growler refills, 10% off keg purchases
Swag: Nexus Loyalty card — for every $100 you spend, you get $10 off your next ticket (excludes alcohol); free Nexus logo T-shirt or hat; invitations to exclusive Nexus Neighbor events
Notable: $5 from every membership fund goes to community fund for non-profits

Cost: $25
Start date: good for one year from sign-up
Discounts: $1 off pints and growlers, 10 percent off kegs
Swag: for signing up you get a filled half-growler
Notable: you will receive emails for members-only events during year

Red Door “Speakeasy Crew”
Cost: $25
Start date: Anytime, good for one year
Discounts: $1 off pints, growlers, $10 off kegs
Swag: 64-ounce growler (empty), logo pint glass

Tractor Brewing Company “Beer Farmers Co-Op”
Cost $35
Start date: Can buy 2015 now, good through December 2015
Discounts: $1 off pints, $1 off growler fills, receive weekly newsletter, discount on keg purchases Unless they opt into our non-profit giving program, info below.
Swag: Pill Bottle of selected brew
Notable: If folks opt into the “Beer for a Better Burque” program – they opt to give the $1 they would’ve saved, to one of our non-profit partners, those partners are: Health Action NM, Animal Humane NM, Blackout Theatre Company, and Harwood Art Center.

Turtle Mountain (this is last year’s info, contact the brewery to see if it’s changed)
Cost: $50
Start date (if any): renewals must occur between Dec. 1-31; after Jan. 1 any spots vacated by existing members become open on a first-come, first-serve basis
Discounts: $1 off pints and growlers
Swag: at the Mug Club Party every April there will be a prize; this coming year’s is secret, but past swag has included growler coozies, custom-designed shirts, stainless steel growlers
Other stuff: members are allowed to bring in a vessel to display on shelves and drink from when visiting TMBC; this will be the 16th year of the mug club

* * * *

We hope that helps with your holiday shopping for 2014-15. Again, if you have questions, contact us or the individual breweries. There are direct links to all the breweries here on our site.


— Stoutmeister

  1. Hey everyone! The Marble Brewery Brew Club is a one year membership, and it is good for one year from your sign up date. Each year, we’re offering a special, limited edition 22 oz beer when you sign up for a $25 membership. $35 gets you a second, different, limited edition 22.
    Unfortunately, we’re sold out of the 2014 Brew Club Barley Wine and Triple, but we’re offering 32 oz filled growlers with our $25 membership (Classic Styles). We’ll release the 2015 beers at our Anniversary Party in April, and we’ll be sure to bottle extra this time around as our membership continues to grow!
    n addition to the membership gift, we offer discounts on pints, imperial pints, growlers and kegs. Plus, we have merchandise discount days exclusively for Brew Club members. Today just happens to be one of those discount days, so all merchandise, excluding glass and growlers, is 30% off.

  2. Thank you for updating!

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