Another round of beers, bands, and more atop a mountain!

Another round of beers, bands, and more atop a mountain!

It looks like winter broke just in time for Summerfest! The annual Pararito Mountain beer festival is being held Saturday at the ski area near Los Alamos.  As always, this is not just a “come and drink beer until you’re silly” event.  The ski hill provides a great location for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and even disc golf this year.  Come early to build up an appetite and earn those beers!  In addition to the beer, there will be live music:

Port Alice — an Indie Rock band from the Burque with special guests Thieves and Gypsys (Santa Fe) and The Kinky Fingers (Denver)

A local cafe will be serving up gelato, and there’s always burgers and other fine fare.

The breweries (and winery) in attendance will be: Tractor Brewing, Santa Fe Brewing Company, Second Street Brewery, Taos Mesa Brewing, Santa Sidra Hard Cider, Marble Brewery, La Cumbre Brewing, Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, Anasazi Field winery, Nexus Brewing, Abbey Brewing, Bosque Brewing Co., Boxing Bear Brewing, and Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op

Stoutmeister, being the good guy that he is, went and got (most) of the beer lists for Saturday. We did not get lists from Abbey, Bosque, Marble, and Taos Mesa.

Boxing Bear — K.O. Kolsch, Uppercut IPA, Rye Mouth Rye IPA, Hairy Mit Hefe, Wiener Muncher, Apple Bear Cider

La Cumbre — Hop-Back Centennial, Saison d’Hommel, South Peak Pilsner, Slice of Hefen, Malpais Stout, Red Ryeot, Elevated IPA

Nexus — Chocolate Porter, Scottish Ale, Honey Chamomile Wheat, Cream Ale

Santa Fe — Highland Heath, Happy Camper IPA, Freestyle Pilsner, Java Stout

Second Street — Mosaic IPA, Boneshaker Bitter, Rod’s Best Bitter (gluten removed), High Wheeler Pale Ale, Cream Stout

Tractor — Farmer’s Tan Red, Farmer’s Almanac IPA, Mustachio Milk Stout, Berry Cider, Farmhouse Saison, Pilsner #15

Turtle Mountain — Heidelberg Helles, The B-Word (ESB), Cannon Fodder DIPA, Stauffenberg Stout, Wilde Jagd (plus you can purchase $10 to-go bottles)

For additional information, see the Facebook page for the event: Pajarito Mountain Summerfest


— Reid

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