Exodus making its, um, exodus from Canteen in can format! (Photo courtesy of Canteen Brewhouse)

Exodus making its, um, exodus from Canteen in can format! (Photo courtesy of Canteen Brewhouse)

We are still alive, still chasing down beer news. Due to various factors in life, none of it was ready for publication today, but next week is gonna be busy.

Catching up on the canning lines

In case anyone missed their Facebook post, the gang over at Canteen has begun canning Dougie Style Amber and Exodus IPA. They will be selling it out of Whole Foods exclusively for the first two weeks, then it will expand to other locations. We will have to make time to stop in there and chat with the staff about this exciting development.

Meanwhile, yours truly sat down with brewers Ty Levis and John Seabrooks over at Rio Bravo this week. I still have to sort out the news from our rambling, 1-hour recorded conversation (apologies to Ty’s wife if I kept him in ABQ for too long), but suffice it to say they are excited about their canning line, which is now in place and ready to start soon. Throw in the recent addition of an outdoor stage, plus some more barrel-aging beers in the works, and things are looking up over on 2nd Street. I will have the full interview posted by Monday, barring anything unexpected sucking up my time this weekend.

Luke’s not dead, either

Our Santa Fe writer has a ton of content coming down the pipeline. Assuming he gets enough free time away from his duties at SFBC to type it all up, he will have stories coming along on the massive SFBC expansion project, new developments at Blue Corn and Duel, and a review of Santa Fe’s newest brewery.

Yes, that’s right, there is a new brewery in Santa Fe. Chili Line Brewing is operating out of Pizzeria Da Lino, with a handful of new creations available, including two IPAs, a stout, a Rauchbier, and more. I guess this gives the ABQ-based portion of the Crew another excuse to make an overdue visit to Santa Fe this spring.

New brewery updates

Palmer Brewery already has their first beer on tap at Left Turn Distilling, a pale ale. They should have everything up and running sooner than later.

Starr Brothers Brewing has been open for a while with guest taps, but at last, their own beer is coming on tap! Friday, April 8 will be the debut date for their first four house beers — Lampshade Porter, Red Zepplin, Starrstruck IPA, and Thunderr Ale. We will endeavor to get over there beforehand to sample those four and let everyone know what to expect.

Enchanted Circle Brewing in Angel Fire will have their grand opening on April 16. They have a head brewer in place and are working hard on having their beers ready from day one. We are hoping to set up an interview this weekend to preview ECB, while I have to see if anyone in the Crew could head up there that weekend (it’s Isotopes opening weekend, so I will be at The Lab).

Just in case you missed it

It’s not April Fools, Founders KBS is back in town! Jubilation has a limited supply of 2016 KBS four-packs (they had 2015 earlier today, but we have been told those are already gone). Also, tonight (Friday) at Nob Hill Bar & Grill, they will tap the only keg in the state at 6 p.m. See many of you over there!

Sampler tray

  • Yes, there are changes coming to the food truck schedule at Marble Westside. I am meeting with the command staff Monday to find out about that, plus all the big details on Marble’s upcoming eighth anniversary celebration.
  • We will also be checking in with Kaktus Brewing next week, assuming owner Dana Koller has kicked the flu/cold he has been battling. I feel his pain, considering I also had a bad cold recently and then my allergies returned with the wind, leaving me with a persistent cough.
  • Dust Up Pale Ale will debut at Bow & Arrow on Saturday. It will be the first in a rotating series of four different pale ales.
  • Franz Solo and I will be heading up to Denver to see Iron Maiden on April 13. We will of course be visiting favorites in the area like Avery, Great Divide, Prost, and TRVE, but if anyone out there knows of a smaller place we absolutely, positively have to visit, please let us know. Just remember, we like stouts and IPAs, so places with great sours (Crooked Stave) are not our thing.

That is all for now, but fear not, we should have the site chock-full of stories next week. As always, if you know of any beer news, drop us a line at nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com.


— Stoutmeister

  1. Woody says:

    During your Denver trip – highly recommend you check out Comrade Brewing Company. Outstanding IPAs.

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