Time for some epic new beers to roll out!

Time for some epic new beers to roll out!

The time has come to get out there and support the NM Brewers Guild. The fun part is supporting means drinking new and unique beers.

The Beer Premier is back for a third time, kicking off Friday at 5 p.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Tickets cost $35, for which you get unlimited samples from 16 breweries, plus the good folks at M’Tucci’s Cocina Grill will be cooking up pork shoulders in the matanza pits.

For more details on all of it, I sat down with Brewers Guild director John Gozigian before my trip to California.

“This will be third time we’ve done it,” John said. “The first one (in 2013) was at the National Hispanic Cultural Center at the Salon Ortega patio, which is where we’re doing it (again) this year. Unfortunately, I though the concept was great, we brought in all these breweries for a mass release of new styles and it was a great setting, but we did it the same day at the Nob Hill Summerfest and of course everybody was there. It wasn’t well attended.”

Round two was in 2014 at the Rail Yards Market, but that one had a whole heck of a lot of problems for attendees. Thus, back to the NHCC.

“That setting is just so nice,” John said. “We want it to be a little more exclusive and small. It’s going to max out at, let’s say 200 people. But, literally, it’s going to be capped at 300 glasses. That’s the maximum number of people that can go.”

John was working on getting some VIPs to be present for patrons to interact with over the course of the night.

“I’ve invited brewmasters and brewery owners to attend, too, because I really want this to be a really special event,” John said. “If you go, you get unlimited sampling in this really cool glass of 16 breweries’ beers that nobody’s ever tried before. It’s including a matanza. M’Tucci’s has the concession there and they have matanza pits outside. They’re going to be slow roasting pork shoulder in these matanza pits all day long. Then, just in time for the festival, there’s going to be super tender pork shoulder that’s going to be served with tortillas, pico de gallo, to go along with all of these exceptional beers.”

Speaking of the exceptional beers, a lot of the breweries want to keep them a secret and surprise everyone at the event. Still, nine of the 16 participants were willing to give us at least the names of their creations.

  • Boxing Bear: Session IPA
  • Chama River: Heavy Cream (Cream Ale Export)
  • La Cumbre: Rum Barrel-Aged Malpais Stout on nitro
  • Ponderosa: Manzano Double Chocolate Stout
  • Quarter Celtic: Dusk’s Early Night (Dark American Lager)
  • Rio Bravo: Barrel-aged Belgian Dark Strong
  • Sierra Blanca: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout
  • Tractor: Summer en Blanc Witbier
  • Turtle Mountain: Pollywog’s Pride IPL

That still leaves Blue Corn, Bosque, Bow & Arrow, Canteen, Marble, Santa Fe, and Second Street to surprise you. Though to be honest, I am really, really jealous of everyone that gets to attend this event. (I will have to make do with Firestone Walker Barrelworks being up the street.) Those beers look rather amazing.

“I’m really excited about it,” John said. “It’s going to be a unique opportunity for people to have a different kind of festival — I almost wouldn’t even call it a festival. It’s more of an intimate tasting event. It’s small. There’s not going to be distributors pouring beers. There’s going to be the actual people.”

Tickets can be purchased online at nmbeer.org or they can be picked up at La Cumbre, the Santa Fe ABQ Taproom, both Tractor locations, and Turtle Mountain.

Remember, this is a Guild event, so get out there and support our entire craft beer scene with your purchase!

“I just want to sell it out, everybody go, and have a great time,” John said. “It’s a super value.”

Cheers to that!

— Stoutmeister

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