The Crew’s brewery merchandise guide for 2015

Behold the glory of brewery merchandise!
Behold the warm glow of brewery merchandise!

As we did last year, the Crew (and I do mean almost all of us) has put together a brewery merchandise guide for all of you just in time for your holiday shopping. Hey, it might be nice to just buy people beer, but sometimes they need more in life, like cool shirts, hoodies, growlers, and other specialty items carrying the logos of their favorite breweries. To make all of your lives easier and save you time in terms of searching the web or driving all over the place, we compiled the local breweries’ merch lists into one place. Now you can find out what is where, what is online, what it all costs, and any other additional info you might need.

You’re welcome. We’re always up for pints as thank yous if you see any of us out and about.

Please take note, we will have a separate post in the weeks ahead detailing all the different brewery memberships you can purchase around town.

Without further adieu, here’s what we all compiled. For the record, it went like this so you know who to ask for if something below is inaccurate or missing in action: Adam (Albuquerque Brewing, Lizard Tail, Ponderosa, Red Door, Rio Bravo), AmyO (Chama River, Distillery 365, Sierra Blanca, Twisted Chile), Bharley Quinn (La Cumbre, Marble), Brandon (Boese Brothers, Nexus), Franz Solo (Boxing Bear, Canteen, Turtle Mountain), Kristin (Blue Grasshopper, Cazuela’s, Pi), and Stoutmeister (Bosque, Kaktus, Tractor). Back Alley Draft House, Bistronomy B2B, and Sandia Chile Grill do not have any merch, though B2B does have gift certificates. Any brewery not currently listed below will be updated as soon as possible.

The breweries are listed in alphabetical order, starting with the ABQ metro area breweries. We will have a separate post on the four Santa Fe breweries sooner or later.

Albuquerque Brewing

The new guys have a small amount of merch available at the brewery. Snag a black T-shirt ($18) to show your Burque pride. Or pick out a pub glass ($8) or a growler ($6).

Dress like a local.
Dress like a local.

Blue Grasshopper

UPDATED >>> If you want a pub glass, it costs $15, but that comes with the beer fill of your choice. Beyond that, they now have some T-shirts and polos ranging from $20 to $30. Stop by BG to check out the selection.

Boese Brothers



Bosque does have some items for sale online, but most of their merch is at the main taproom on San Mateo, north of Alameda. In addition to glassware, they have beanies ($15), hats ($20), T-shirts ($20) with the logos of their different beers, and some new gear for the colder months. Ladies’ thermals ($25), men’s flannels ($30), men’s plaid T’s ($30), and the new Riverwalker IPA hoodies ($35) are all now available. Plus, there are still bombers for sale of the Anniversary Baltic Porter ($10), Barleywine ($10), and, for a very limited time, the Barrel-Aged Jet Black Winter Russian Imperial Stout ($18). They also have gift cards available.

The good folks at Bosque want to keep you warm this winter.
The good folks at Bosque want to keep you warm this winter.

Boxing Bear

The west siders have quite the selection this holiday season. For your head, choose from different hats ($14-$30) and beanies ($16). Most T-shirts are $18, but XL are $20 and 2XL are $21. Work shirts and hoodies ring in at $30, or $40 for 2XL. Stainless mini-keg growlers ($35) are always popular gifts.

Merch with a punch is available at Boxing Bear.
Merch with a punch is available at Boxing Bear.


This year they have everything in Canteen logos. T-shirts ($25), pullovers ($45), hats ($20) are all available. There are, of course, growlers ($12-$14) and glassware ($3). You can also get crowlers ($5.50 to $6.50), with the price dependent on the beer you are filling it with. Canteen will also have their special stainless steel, vacuum-sealed, double-walled growlers for $57 ($65 to $67 filled). There are also optional keg attachments for $25.

All the clothing and beer gear you could need is at Canteen.
All the clothing and beer gear you could need is at Canteen.



Chama River

The only special merchandise for the season will be holiday growlers. The staff said they hope to have them before Thanksgiving, but might not until afterward. All of Chama’s gear can be purchased at the brewery only. Other items include work shirts ($35), Chama River logo hats ($12), Tap the Source hats ($15), Tap the Source T-shirts ($13), and both Jackalope IPA and Class VI beer shirts ($15).

Chama looks good in color, too. Note, brewer and beer not included. (Courtesy of Chama River Facebook page)
Chama merch looks good in color, too. Note, brewer and beer not included. (Courtesy of Chama River Facebook page)

Distillery 365

Owner Matt Simonds said he will not have any specific holiday merchandise. His hands are full right now trying to get the Green Jeans Farmery tasting room open. He does have a few regular T-shirts and is getting hats within the next couple of weeks. Nothing is available for purchase online. He said that he does eventually want to sell items online, including somehow hopefully D365’s spirits, but he would need someone for website maintenance and that’s not in the cards for right now.

Don't leave the D365 shirts hanging.
Don’t leave the D365 shirts hanging, unless they are hanging in your closet. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)


They do have some merchandise available this year beyond just glassware, though for a limited time they still have their special Christmas 2015 pint glasses available. They cost $5 and owner Dana Koller said Tuesday that he had about 25 left. Beyond that special item, Kaktus has special “eye chart” T-shirts ($20), red trucker hats ($12), and regular pint glasses ($5). You can only purchase Kaktus’ items at the brewery itself, if you needed another reason to go to Bernalillo besides the good beer, tasty food, and eclectic atmosphere.

The eye chart T-shirt caught our eyes (pun intended).
The eye chart T-shirt … brilliant.

La Cumbre

The company tagline, “Get Elevated,” can be aptly applied to your holiday gift giving, too. From comfy cool shirts and hoodies, to extra groovy pint glasses and growlers, there isn’t a beer lover on your list that wouldn’t proudly sport any one of La Cumbre’s awesomely and artistically emblazoned merch. With gifts for people from babies to bikers and price points ranging from $5 to $50, there is a gift to fit everyone’s budget. La Cumbre swag is sold exclusively in their taproom located at 3313 Girard Blvd. NE., which provides an excellent and altruistic reason to stop by and “shop.” And as we are told they will be rolling out new holiday merch throughout the month of December, you might have to suck it up and visit frequently… and thus we honor you for your commendable commitment to gift giving!

La Cumbre will also have a number of special events in December. A number of local artists will be showcasing their work on Sunday, Dec. 6. A local caroling group will be on hand Dec. 7. The La Negra Imperial Stout bottle and tap release is set for Dec. 10. And to cap it all off, the fifth anniversary party is set for Saturday, Dec. 12.

There is just a wee bit of gear available at La Cumbre.
There is just a wee bit of gear available at La Cumbre.

Lizard Tail

Up in the Northeast Heights, Lizard Tail has a fair amount of merch available at the brewery. You can go full outfit with T-shirts ($20), hoodies ($40), and hats ($25). Pub glasses ($5) are also available.

Just don't leave the bill of the hat flat like that. Don't be that guy.
Just don’t leave the bill of the hat flat like that. Don’t be that guy.


If the striking Marble-bearing Maverick logo alone wasn’t enough impetus to inspire you to shop here for your holiday gift-giving, their diverse selection of items, seriously awesome artwork, ease of online availability, and of course their award- and taste-bud-winning beer make Marble a one-stop shop for the craft brew lovers (and pooches) on your list. They have T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, baseball hats, sunglasses, bottle openers, koozies, insulated growlers, dog collars, and dog treats baked by beertenders using spent grain.

Yet to be released and exclusive for this holiday season, the elves in Marble’s workshop are putting together a gift pack that will include the annually anticipated Marble Reserve Ale and a very limited edition, double-walled stainless steel pint tumbler with the beloved patio mural etched on it. The gift packs are yet to be priced and are due out the first week of December. They will be available at both taprooms while supplies last. You can swing by either taproom on Wednesday, December 9 at 5 p.m. for the Reserve Ale Release Party and enjoy complimentary applesauce and glazed donut holes from Pastian’s Bakery.

Double your shopping fun by visiting the Marble Market, this Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. at the downtown taproom. Shop, eat, and drink local to live music by Crow & Captain, Cali Shaw, Alex Maryol, and Lilah Rose.

The new Marble growlers are available.
The new Marble growlers are available.






The big merch display area is still present down in the Sawmill District. They have three varieties of T-shirts ($15) for men and women. Work shirts ($30) are available if you want to look as stylish as Andrew and the staff. You can snag a pub glass ($5) and/or a growler ($7). There are also gift cards available if you have that one friend/relative who is hard to shop for every year.

Take your pick between three T-shirt designs.
Take your pick between three T-shirt designs.

Red Door

They have summer wares, winter wares, and a whole lot more. You can pick from a wide variety of T-shirts ($15), or prepare for next summer with a tank top ($18). For this type of weather, grab a hoodie ($40) and make sure to keep your head covered with a hat ($10). Pub glasses ($3) and growlers ($4) are available, of course. And for that hard-to-buy-for-friend, you can get a gift card.

Feel all summery thanks to Red Door.
Feel all summery thanks to Red Door.

Rio Bravo

They may be new, but Rio Bravo is already swimming in available merchandise. You can go as small as a keychain ($3.50) or a sample glass ($3.50), or snag a pint glass or a wine glass ($5.50), or of course a growler ($7). There are also hats ($16.50), short-sleeve T-shirts ($16.50), and long-sleeve T-shirts ($22). They have gift cards available as well. For now you will have to head to the brewery to buy the merch.

Why yes, that is a camo hat from Rio Bravo.
Why yes, that is a camo hat from Rio Bravo for the next time you go beer hunting.

Sierra Blanca/Rio Grande, plus ABQ (soon to be Alien) Brew Pub

Tasha let us know that there will be special Alien Gift Baskets, items TBA, available for sale at the soon-to-be-rebranded Alien Brew Pub in Uptown, plus at the main brewery in Moriarty. No word yet on the cost of the baskets, but we will be sure to share that when they are fully revealed. If you are afraid of the Uptown area during the holidays, or are reluctant to drive to Moriarty, fear not, because SB/RG has a full online store. They have 28 (!) different T-shirt designs, in both men’s and women’s, ranging from $12.95 to $19.95. They also have six different hoodies ($34.95 to $49.95). There are also hats, glassware, wallets, bottle openers, koozies, and tap handles. Basically, SB/RG has paraphrased the line from Spaceballs: “Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the (brewery) is made!” However, as of right now, there is no Sierra Blanca the Breakfast Cereal, Sierra Blanca the flamethrower, or Sierra Blanca the doll.

The walls are covered out in Moriarty. (Courtesy of the SB/RG Facebook page)
The walls are covered out in Moriarty. (Courtesy of the SB/RG Facebook page)


The good news is Tractor still has one of the best online shop sites of any local brewery. Their Fall 2015 collection is now out (we will have to wait to see if there will be a winter collection). They have gray hoodies ($35), heather green lightweight women’s hoodies ($35), scarlet 3/4 sleeve Farmer’s Tan T-shirts ($17), and white-on-black Get Plowed T-shirts ($12). They have a slew of additional men’s and women’s T-shirts, both short sleeve and long, ranging from $12 to $17. There are also orange hoodies ($35) so you never get lost in the dark. If you have a bar at home, you can purchase Tractor tap handles ($45) featuring the can designs for Almanac IPA, Farmer’s Tan Red, and Mustachio Milk Stout. Need a new belt buckle? Pick any of those three styles for $30. To carry it all out you could use a Tractor reusable bag ($8). Of course, there are also gift cards ($25), pub glasses ($6), growlers ($4), and sample glasses ($4) for sale. If you want to grab a beer while you shop, many of the items are available at both Wells Park and Nob Hill.

So many, many options at Tractor.
So many, many options at Tractor.

Turtle Mountain

If you were looking for something to wear, TMBC does not have any shirts or hoodies for sale. They do have quite a bit of glassware available. Growlers ($6), Boston growlers ($4), pub glasses ($5), and special growler totes ($12) are on hand. You can also purchase a growler tote with two filled growlers for $45. Oh, and don’t forget, TMBC still has bombers of Wilde Jagd ($12) for sale. All purchases must be done at the brewery.

Need to carry all of your Turtle merch? This is one way to do it.
Need to carry all of your Turtle merch? This is one way to do it.

Breweries outside the ABQ metro area

Bathtub Row (Los Alamos)

BRB has their normal array of clothing and glassware options, including several nice T-shirts ($15 apiece), a logo hat ($20), pub glasses ($4), growlers ($4), and a work shirt ($45). In addition, they’re preparing to bottle a beer for the first time, and it’s an excellent-sounding winter brew: a Russian Imperial Stout. It should come in at around 10- to 11-percent ABV and will be sold in 22-ounce bombers. Who wouldn’t want to find that in their stocking Christmas morning? Finally, since BRB is a co-operative-based business and member-owned, another great gift would be a membership in BRB. An annual membership costs $50, and if you’re really feeling the spirit, a lifetime membership is $250. More info about BRB can be found at their website.

The new merch wall at the 'Tub.
The new merch wall at the ‘Tub.

Twisted Chile (Socorro)

Socorro’s brewery does have merchandise available at the brewery only for now. They hope to have online purchasing available in the near future. Full-size growlers cost $8, while Boston growlers are $6. Logo T-shirts are available for $16. You can also call TCB at (575) 518-8028 and they might be able to work out a way to ship items.

They won't give you the shirts off their backs, but TCB has plenty of others for sale. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)
They won’t give you the shirts off their backs, but TCB has plenty of others for sale. (Courtesy of their Facebook page)

* * * * *

Got any additional merchandise info? Send it to us via direct message on Facebook, tweet at us @nmdarksidebc, or email us at

Happy holiday shopping, beer lovers!

— Stoutmeister

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    At least Rio Bravo’s growler prices have gone down….. They charged me 14 bucks JUST for the bottle during opening weekend.

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