Mountain West Brew Fest: The beer lists of mystery abound!

It's almost here!
It’s almost here!

The first Mountain West Brew Fest is almost upon us. It kicks off Saturday at noon and runs till 6, then repeats that schedule on Sunday in Bernalillo. If you have not bought your tickets yet, go here and get ’em. And remember, if you are unsure of a Premium Ticket, you can upgrade at the fest for just $10.

As always with any festival, we know the number one question is the same: “What beers are being poured?” Well, we would love to share it with you, but we were unable to get much info. Like, at all. It is unfortunate. We would think the breweries, this being a Brewers Guild event and brand new and all, would want to promote things as much as possible. But we get it, sometimes they get too busy and are pretty much just grabbing any kegs they can find the day of an event. Or perhaps they just want you all to be surprised.

(Probably not.)

Anyway, at the very least the Guild did provide us with the list of available beers in the Premium Tent. We also know specialty out-of-state beers Admiral will be pouring on Saturday (waiting on Sunday, will update if we get that list). Sadly, National Distributing will not be participating, so we lose out on some of their products.

We also learned that Las Vegas’ New Mexico Craft Brewing will not be attending, and Duel has informed us they will only be present on Sunday. If any other breweries are withdrawing or cutting back to a single day and inform us, we will update this post ASAP.

Fear not, though, there should still be a lot of great beer out there this weekend. For the Premium Pass Beer Lineup, the Guild has assembled some potentially delicious selections.

  • Abbey Brewing: Monks’ Dubbel Reserve
  • Blue Corn: Barleywine
  • Chama River: WOOT! Saison, Blueberry Kolsch
  • High Desert: IPA
  • La Cumbre: Fievre d’Abricot, Project Dank, Summer Strong (Pale Barleywine)
  • Marble: Saison, Apricot Sour
  • Pecan Grill: Imperial Smoked Lager
  • Spotted Dog: ESB
  • Three Rivers: Imperial IPA, Nitro Scotch Ale
  • Tractor: Berry Cider
  • Turtle Mountain: After Midnight, AmeriKriek

These beers will only be available inside the air-conditioned tent with a Premium Pass upgrade. We gotta admit to being curious about an Imperial Smoked Lager, plus it’s been ages since we had a beer from Three Rivers. Spotted Dog will be coming to the northern half of the state for just the second time (first was NMIPAC). That Summer Strong from LC is new, and it’s always hard to pass up on Monks’ Dubbel Reserve and Blue Corn’s Barleywine.

The Saturday lineup for the Range Cafe/FR8 House booth, provided by Admiral:

  • Avery White Rascal
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
  • Breckenridge Nitro Vanilla Porter
  • Green Flash Le Freak
  • Lagunitas Brown Sugga
  • Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest
  • Ska Vinifera
  • Squatters Ghost Rider White IPA
  • Upslope Imperial IPA
  • Wasatch Apricot Wheat

So what do we have for the in-state breweries at their booths? Not much, but what we do have should excite your palates.

  • Blue Corn: Night Train Schwarzbier, Drone Wars (Braggot), Alpha Reaper 2.0, Brown Paper Bag (Malt Liquor)
  • NEW Bosque: Bosque Lager, Riverwalker IPA, Brewer’s Boot Amber Ale, Scotia Scotch Ale, Driftwood Oatmeal Stout, Scale Tipper IPA, Stoked on Oak
  • Boxing Bear: Bohemian Pilsner, Hairy Mit Hefe, Uppercut IPA, Black and Blue Sour, Cucumber Saison
  • Distillery 365: 4th of July American Ale, 365 ESB, Trail Ride Bicycle Beer
  • Kaktus: Darkness Falls Stout, Target IPA, Yard Sale IPA, Tasty Red, Berna Brown, Wit, Basil Lager, Sweet and Dry Apple Cider
  • La Cumbre: A Slice of Hefen, Elevated IPA, Red Ryeot, Malpais Stout, State Fair Cream Ale, Male Stripper, Acclimated IPA, plus a special cask at 2 p.m. on Sunday of Elevated wet-hopped with Chinook
  • NEW Rio Bravo: Dirty Rotten Bastard IPA, Roadkill Red, Black Angus Stout, Karl’s Hefe
  • NEW Rio Grande/Sierra Blanca: Alien Milk Stout, Alien Amber, Guns & Oil, Bone Chiller Brown Ale, Sun Chaser Pale Ale, Pancho Verde, Desert Pils, IPA
  • Turtle Mountain: Kosmonaut Kolsch, Oku Amber, Hopshell IPA, Stauffenberg Stout

We are still waiting on and hoping for lists from Abbey, Back Alley, Bathtub Row, Boese Brothers, Canteen, Cazuela’s, Chama River, Duel, Marble, Nexus, Pi, Ponderosa, Red Door, Santa Fe, Second Street, and Tractor. When we get them, if we get them, they will be posted above.

For transportation, we recommend the Rail Runner. Train #702 heads north from Downtown ABQ (11:17 a.m.), Montano (11:26), Los Ranchos/Journal Center (11:32), and arrives in Bernalillo at 11:48, just before the start of the festival (it is a less-than-12-minute walk). Train #707 then leaves Bernalillo at 6:30 p.m., heading southbound only. For Santa Fe patrons, Train #703 leaves the SF Depot at 10:44 a.m. and will get you to Bernalillo by 11:43 a.m. You will have a longer wait until you can go back as Train #706 leaves Bernalillo at 7:24 p.m. and arrives at the SF Depot at 8:24, so plan accordingly.

Most of the Crew will be there when the gates open Saturday. If you see us and want to say hello, please do so.


— Stoutmeister

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise Baker - Rio Bravo says:

    Rio bravo will have Dirty rotten bastard ipa Roadkill red Black angus stout Karl’s El Hefe

    Denise K Baker Rio Bravo Brewing Company

    1. cjax33 says:

      Thank you, Denise, we appreciate it! Love the stout, looking forward to trying the red, too.

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