Your choice for the best beer name of 2015 was Red Door's Baby Got Bock.

Your choice for the best beer name of 2015 was Red Door’s Baby Got Bock.

Baby Got Bock!

Yes, Red Door’s homage to a “classic” song was the winner of our first poll. Since we did not add a timing element to the poll itself, we just decided all votes after 10 p.m. MST would not count. Thus, Baby Got Bock proved to be the winner. (We should add it was also quite a good beer, too.)

Here is the full list of beers, now including the breweries they represented. Considering that the usual most popular breweries are way down on this list, we would like to thank everyone for just voting for the names.

Good luck to our local breweries in topping these names in 2016. The new Sidetrack Brewing may already have their top candidate on tap in the 3:10 to Belen Brown.

  1. Baby Got Bock (Red Door) 39 votes
  2. Pink Elephants on Parade (Bosque) 32 votes
  3. Dr. Strangehop XPA (Boese Brothers) 27 votes
  4. Hoppenheimer IPA (Bathtub Row) 23 votes
  5. Kama Citra IPA (Pi) 18 votes
  6. I’m a Little Teapot Short and Stout (Kaktus) 15 votes
  7. Salute Your Schwarz (Boxing Bear) 12 votes
  8. Gourd Dammit (Turtle Mountain) 10 votes
  9. Hefen or Hell (Back Alley) 9 votes
  10. Pumpkin Butt (Ponderosa) 6 votes
  11. Brown Paper Bag (Blue Corn) 5 votes
  12. Tall, Dark, and Pumpkin (Marble) 5 votes
  13. Full Mast Kilt Scottish (Santa Fe) 5 votes
  14. Aumbers Amber (Canteen) 4 votes
  15. Night at the Roggenbury (Nexus/Turtle Mountain) 4 votes
  16. Mashing Pumpkins (B2B) 3 votes
  17. Bohemian From Burque (La Cumbre) 3 votes
  18. Off the Richter Red (Albuquerque Brewing) 2 votes
  19. Twig and Berries Sahti (Broken Bottle) 2 votes
  20. Kissy Face Cherry Chocolate Wheat (Chama River) 2 votes
  21. What WOOD Amber Do (Duel) 2 votes
  22. Q’s Omnipotent Wit (Nexus) 2 votes
  23. Lil’ Cease Session IPA (Tractor) 2 votes
  24. Beach Bum Pale Ale (Blue Grasshopper) 0 votes

Thanks again to all who voted. This was fun. We will have to do more polls like this in the future, but fear not, we will never let this site turn into a “listicle” page. That’s just lazy.

Oh, and for the record, I voted (only once) for Hoppenheimer IPA. The history buff in me could not pass up that one.


— Stoutmeister

  1. Paulie says:

    I am pretty sure “Baby Got Bock” was a Blue Corn beer, but maybe both Red Door and Blue Corn had duplicate names.

  2. Paulie says:

    I stand corrected… 😛

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